Corporate Legal

Policies and Corporate Legal

Policy Renewal Project

The Legal and Compliance Department has initiated a review of RRC Polytech’s policies. The purpose of the Policy Renewal Project is to ensure that the College policies:

  1. Set and communicate expectations as per College’s mandate and strategic plan
  2. Are consistent, efficient, and effective in mitigating and managing institutional risks
  3. Are reflective of institutional needs and processes.

The Policy renewal project is a work in progress, and RRC Polytech will continue to develop and post policies on an ongoing basis, therefore some legacy policies may not yet reflect the revised format or content as prescribed by G1 – Policies Development Framework, which governs the initiation and process of review of RRC Polytech’s policies. Policies will be updated or added once they have been reviewed and revised.

These College policies are derived from the RRC Polytech Board of Governors Policies that have established the largest values, policies and standards for RRC Polytech. The Board instructs the President through its policies that prescribe organizational results to be achieved, and describe organizational situations and actions to be avoided.

Academic Matters

Number Name
A1 Application and Admission to College Programs
A2 Criminal Records Checks
A3 Auditing Courses
A4 Priority Registration
A5 Course Outlines
A6 Co-operative Education
A7 Entrance Scholarships
A8 Faculty Advising
A9 Professional Suitability
A10 Intellectual Property and Copyright
A11 International Education
A12 Issuing College Credentials
A13 Program Life Cycle
A14 Recognition of Prior Learning
A15 Academic Authorities Grid
A16 College-Initiated Aegrotat
A17 Academic Integrity
A18 Program Advisory Committees
A19 Tuition and Fees
A20 Requirements for Graduation
A21 Confidentiality of Student Academic Records
A22 Academic Standards
A23 Student Evaluation of Instruction
A24 Student Evaluation of Program
A28 Academic Accommodation
A29 Research and Scholarly Activity
A30 Instructional and Academic Staff Selection
A31 Academic Credentials and Designations for Instructional Positions

College Advancement

Number Name
C1 Promotional Items
C3 Flags at Half Mast
C4 Brand and Visual Identity
C5 Donation Acceptance
C6 Third-party Advertising on Campus

Safety and Health Services

Number Name
E1 Safety
E2 Emergency Response
E3 Radiation Safety
E5 Smoking
E6 Hazardous Waste Management
E9 Environmental Sustainability
E10 Personal Use of College Equipment
E11 Reporting of Accidents and Serious Incidents
E13 Violence Prevention
E14 COVID-19 Procedures


Number Name
F3 Signing Authority
F4 Research Funding Compliance
F5 Commercial Partnerships
F6 Operating Reserve Fund

General Administration

Number Name
G1 Policies Development Framework
G2 Meals, Travel and Entertainment
G3 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
G4 Recordings
G5 Sexual Violence

Human Resources

Number Name
H1 Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment
H2 Equity Diversity and Inclusion (currently being revised)
H3 College Identification Cards
H4 Transfer of Benefits
H5 Absenteeism Management
H6 Vacation Carryover
H7 Vacation Carryover for Retirement Purposes
H8 Security Checks
H9 Criminal Charges and Self-Reporting
H10 Learning and Development
H11 Employee Impairment
H12 Remote Work
H13 Employee Relocation Due to Reorganization or Program Decentralization Policy
H17 Absence due to Adverse Weather Conditions

Information Technology

Number Name
IT1 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
IT2 Security of Information Technology Resources

Materials Management

Number Name
M1 Purchasing
M2 Disposal of Surplus Furnishings and Equipment
M3 Asset Inventory Control
M4 Sustainable and Socially Responsible Procurement

Principles of Conduct

Number Name
P1 Principles of Conduct Statement
P2 Public Interest Disclosure Protection
P3 Conflict of Interest
P4 Conflict of Commitment
P5 Ethical Behaviour
P6 Disclosure, Consequences and Responsibilities
P7 Fair Dealing (Copyright)


Number Name
R1 Research Involving Human Subjects
R2 Integrity in Research and Scholarships
R3 Animal Care and Research
R4 Conflict of Interest in Research
R5 Student Rights in the Conduct of Research
R6 Research in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
R7 Research Involving Biohazards and Radioactive Materials
R8 Applied Research Administration
R9 Approval to Forward an Application for Research Funds to an External Sponsor
R10 Recovery Costs of Research
R11 Adjunct Researchers

Student Matters

Number Name
S1 Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities
S2 Student Discipline
S3 Student Appeals
S5 At-Risk Students

Use of Facilities

Number Name
U1 Use of College Facilities
U2 Space Use
U3 Learning Space Scheduling
U4 Alcohol on College Premises

RRC Polytech campuses are located on the lands of Anishinaabe, Ininiwak, Anishininew, Dakota, and Dené, and the National Homeland of the Red River Métis.

We recognize and honour Treaty 3 Territory Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, the source of Winnipeg’s clean drinking water. In addition, we acknowledge Treaty Territories which provide us with access to electricity we use in both our personal and professional lives.

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