Fall 2022 Convocation Ceremony

All students who successfully completed their program between May 2, 2022 and August 28, 2022 were included in the Fall 2022 Graduation.

Note: RRC Polytech has transitioned to scheduling a Fall Convocation so we will not be holding a winter convocation ceremony in February 2023.

All students from campuses in Winnipeg who complete their program between August 29, 2022 and April 28, 2023 will be celebrated at the Spring 2023 Convocation.

Spring 2023 Convocation is scheduled for June 13 and 14, 2023.

Prospective graduates and potential guests are asked to please mark your calendars to ensure your availability.

More details will be shared as they are confirmed.    

For students attending regional campuses, please see your regional campus offices for more information on convocation plans for 2023.

Confirm Attendance and Order Cap and Gown Rental

All graduates who want to attend the RRC Polytech Convocation ceremonies are required to wear academic attire. Academic attire consists of a gown, hood, cap and tassel (the cap and tassel are souvenirs for you to keep). Gaspard supplies RRC Polytech’s cap and gown rentals. Your attendance is confirmed when you place a gown order. The cost of the cap and gown rental is $40 (taxes included) before the deadline date.

If you do not have a credit card and absolutely cannot place an order online, please visit a Student Service Centre at the Notre Dame Campus, D105 or Exchange District Campus, P104 to place an order with cash or debit. If the deadline date has passed and you would like to attend your convocation ceremony, please arrive at the RBC Convention Centre (Hall B) 1.5 hours before the ceremony to rent your gown directly through Gaspard. On-site rental cost is $60. Gaspard only accepts cash for on-site rentals.

The College will subsidize gown rentals for students in financial difficulties, however, funding is limited. Please visit or call the Student Service Centre for more information. The deadline date to apply for a subsidy is the same deadline date to place an order for a cap and gown.

Graduation Souvenirs

Visit our online Campus Store to find a variety of graduation gifts and parchment frames.

Graduation Portraits

Note: Session fee is required at the time of your appointment. Students who do not bring their session fee will not be photographed.

Note: Graduation portrait photo date for Fall 2022 graduates is Monday, November 7, in Prairie Lights at the Notre Dame Campus.

  • A $25 session fee is to be paid to your photographer at the time of your session. Debit or credit is preferred, but cash and cheque will be accepted. Cheque made payable to Lifetouch Canada.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Anyone who is late will not be photographed and cancellations will require 48 hour notice.
  • Photographers will provide the grad gown, cap, tassel and v-stole/hood for your appointment.
  • Lifetouch will not provide dress shirts and ties, so please come prepared already dressed in this attire. Please ensure your tie is pre-tied before your appointment or use a clip-on tie. Graduates who prefer to not wear a dress shirt with or without a tie, we suggest wearing a v-neck shirt.
  • Book a photo session!

Convocation Invite Letters

Many students wish to invite family from outside of Canada to attend their graduation ceremony. If they need an official letter for their temporary resident visa application you will need to request a Convocation Invite Letter (which can be done requested at the end of your graduating term). The letter of invitation is given to the person you are inviting to Canada; they then submit this letter to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate outside of Canada, when they apply for their temporary resident visa.

To request a Convocation Invite Letter, please fill out the Document Request Form and select Convocation Invite.

Contact Information

To ensure we send your important documents and communications to the correct locations, please verify that the College has your current mailing address and preferred email address.

To check:

  1. Visit HUB
  2. Select Payments and Profile under Applications
  3. Tap or click on your username (top-right corner)
  4. Tap or click User Profile

Name on Official Documents

The name that appears as Full Name on your Graduation Application is the name that will be printed on your official Transcript of Academic Record and Parchment. If this name is not your legal name please contact the Student Service Centre and request a name change.