We’re what Manitoba is made of

Red River College Polytechnic’s alumni community is a diverse network of entrepreneurs, contributors, and innovators with the essential skills needed to drive industry in our province. Together, we champion Manitoba’s largest institute of applied learning and research, and connect with each other, the College, and the wider business community.

Tap into exclusive alumni benefits

Group of people

As an alumni member of Red River College Polytechnic, you have access to the support and services you need to get the most from your education.

Stay connected

You are not only an ambassador of the College but also a vital link between the College and the community. Stay connected to the College and other RRC Polytech alumni, and watch your community grow.

Get involved

A community is what you make it, so work your network! Get involved at the College – volunteer your time, attend a workshop or seminar, and show your support by giving back.

Questions and feedback

We’re committed to creating meaningful and valuable experiences for our alumni community. If you have ideas you’d like to share with us or have any questions, please reach out to us at alumni@rrc.ca – we’re always delighted to hear from you.