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Alumni Recognition

A Big Thank You to Our Alumni!

A small gesture can go a long way. Red River College Polytechnic strives to be a community of inclusivity for its students, staff, faculty – and also its alumni. Alumni Engagement is always keen to learn when an alumnus is visiting one of our campuses or has done something that’s deserving of our recognition, and in turn we’d be happy to thank them for proudly representing RRC Polytech with a small gift.

What we’re offering

We’ve designed some incredible RRC Polytech-embossed items as gifts for alumni who we’d like to thank for their time and efforts invested in the College and our community.

How to request a thank you gift

All you have to do is complete the form below and we’ll then reach out to find the best way to either connect yourself with the gift to hand to the alumnus we’re looking to thank, or have it sent over directly to them.

Alumni Recognition

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Alumni Information

If multiple alumni are requiring thank you gifts, please feel free to note multiple individuals in the description field above.

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