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Polytechnic Proud Campaign

We are thrilled to work with leading Manitoba employers to showcase RRC Polytech graduates who are excelling in their workplaces and beyond.

This exceptional co-operative advertising opportunity will feature proud RRC Polytech alumni who are in front of what’s ahead in their industries. As Manitoba’s only polytechnic, the relationships we’ve built with Manitoba employers, along with the RRC Polytech alumni who work for them, is something we cherish. Let’s celebrate these partnerships!

Apply in Two Easy Steps

  1. Identify participating graduate.
    If you are a proud RRC Polytech graduate and want to highlight your program, you’re on the right track. And if you are a proud employer of an RRC Polytech graduate excelling in their field, you’ve come to the right place.
    • Graduates, if you’d like to be featured on a billboard, encourage your employer to apply. Send them this letter, which supplies information on how to nominate their organization and why they should consider participating in this phenomenal partnership opportunity.
    • Supporters, if you know an RRC Polytech graduate in your network who you think would be a great fit for this campaign, share this letter to encourage them to connect with their employer about an application.
  2. Employer fills out application form.
    When your organization is ready to apply, fill out our application form. Once all nominations have been received, we will be in touch to discuss next steps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Criteria and Selection Process

How do I “win” a place in this campaign?

This is not a contest. There are no winners or losers here! RRC Polytech is committed to showcasing the incredible diversity of our alumni community and will consider multiple factors of each application in the selection process, including program, age, ethnicity, gender identity, etc., to ensure we are best representing our graduates and partners. Any applicants that are not selected may be considered for future opportunities.

What does the selection process entail?

Spots will be filled through an application review process with consideration given to ensuring a wide cross-section of RRC Polytech programs are featured in the campaign. Please note that, due to the limited number of available feature spots and the expected high level of demand, RRC Polytech cannot guarantee all applications will be accepted.

I run a small, non-profit organization that simply does not have any money for marketing, but I would still like to participate. Is this possible?

Yes. RRC Polytech always reserves some extra inventory for a select number of smaller organizations, which we are happy to sponsor to be part of our campaign. When completing the application form, simply select the partner option that best represents your organization’s situation and include a description in the Additional Comments section. Again, while we appreciate all applications, we cannot guarantee they will be accepted. 

I am an RRC Polytech alumni member and would love to be on a billboard – how can I apply?

As long as you’re a graduate of RRC Polytech (check out our definitions), you are eligible for consideration. Any organization with an RRC Polytech grad on their payroll, in their volunteer ranks, or on their Board of Directors, is invited to apply to participate! Your employer (or the employer you are affiliated with) is responsible for completing the application, while you (the employee/affiliate and RRC Polytech graduate) would be featured in the campaign.

Can an employer nominate more than one employee?

Yes, employers may complete as many applications as they’d like and nominate as many RRC Polytech graduates in their employ as they’d like! Please fill out a fresh application form for each nomination. Please note: the application criteria and selection process ensures diversity of partners (employers). Therefore, if an employer is selected as a partner in this campaign, it is unlikely that more than one graduate/employee would be featured.

Can a self-employed graduate participate in this campaign?

Yes. The details of the employment relationship (i.e., name of the organization, name, and position of the RRC Polytech grad) must be included in the application. This information, along with the diversity of the programs from which the featured individual graduated, will be used in our selection process. Please note that a logo is required.

How many individuals can be featured on each billboard? 

This year’s billboards include a number of priority elements (RRC Polytech and employer logos, grad’s name and title, etc.). As such, the campaign has been specifically designed to showcase one individual per billboard. However, there is no limit to the number of applications an organization can submit.

I’m a graduate and am currently employed by RRC Polytech – can I participate?

No and yes. RRC Polytech cannot represent both sides of partnership in this campaign. However, we know our staff wear many hats and may own their own companies, serve on boards, and do work for other organizations. Therefore, if another organization you work with is keen to nominate you and serve as the partner for this campaign, you are most welcome to apply!

Billboard Design and Production

How will the location of my billboard be chosen?

While our billboard inventory is booked well in advance, the exact locations of the billboards are not known to us until just a few weeks before they go up. In your application, we ask you to provide us with your preferred choice of location within the City of Winnipeg — we will do our best to accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee preferred placement. Rural billboards are also available in select cities and towns in Manitoba.

Will I be able to review and approve the final billboard design before it goes up?

All participating employers and featured grads will be given the opportunity to review and approve the design as it relates to the application of the logo, the photo of the RRC Polytech graduate, and the content in the description. 

How will my logo appear — in full colour or black and white?

To maintain a balanced design, both employer and RRC Polytech logos will appear in reverse-type (all-white) against a coloured background. 

What if my logo doesn’t fit in the available space provided on the billboard? 

RRC Polytech’s design team will work with all employers to ensure logos are showcased in the best way possible, without compromising your brand or the billboard design. While unlikely, we acknowledge it is possible an organization’s logo may not work within the template. 

Can I submit an existing photo for the billboard?

Since photo and print specifications for the billboards are fixed — and since the campaign requires a consistent look and feel — all participating graduates will be professionally photographed in the same studio, using the same equipment and lighting conditions.

Important Dates

When is the application deadline?

All nominations for consideration must be submitted by Friday, December 1 at noon.

When will the actual ad campaign take place?

The billboards will be in market for approximately eight weeks spanning April and May 2024. However, elements of this campaign (i.e., partner organizations, grads) will also be included in multi-media ads – from print to digital – and will be a part of the College’s marketing mix for +12 months!

When will the photoshoot take place?

Photoshoots will take place in mid-January 2024. Ample notice will be given to selected employers and individuals, along with instructions on when and where the photos will be taken, along with information on what to wear and what to expect. 

Benefits and Fees

What is the fee to participate?

The regular participation fee is $1,500, and the non-profit organization participation fee is $500. We will also be able to set aside a small amount of sponsored inventory for those who wish to participate but do not have the ability to pay either the regular or reduced rates (e.g. charitable status or community-based organizations).

Why is there a fee for an organization to participate?

Polytechnic Proud is a true partnership campaign. It’s not “pay to play”, it’s “let’s work together to showcase our partnership.” A small financial contribution demonstrates a commitment not only to the success of the campaign, but also to the value of the partnership. All revenues generated will cover direct campaign expenses. While there is a fee to participate, the actual cost of running a billboard and digital ad campaign in Manitoba for eight weeks is approximately $6,000, plus taxes and production fees.

What benefits are included?

You’ll have your brand front and centre in Manitoba for two months this spring, making you the talk of the town all while showcasing how proud you are of your organization and employees! All participants will receive, at minimum, a print billboard for eight weeks as well as digital assets. While not guaranteed, other digital and print advertising may be used.

How will payment be processed?

All selected participants will be invoiced by Red River College Polytechnic to the address you provide in your application form. Invoices will be sent once participating employers have given their final sign-off on the billboard design. (Approximately April 2024).

Application Form

Nominations are now closed. Thank you for your willingness to partner with RRC Polytech and celebrate the success of our graduates.

Polytechnic Proud Campaign

Applicant (Employer) Information

Applicant Organization Address
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Graduate (Employee) Information

Provide a brief bio describing this graduate’s achievements and why they should be considered.

All are encouraged to apply! We aspire to have a campaign that best represents the diversity within our communities, and welcome applications from women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, racialized persons, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and others who may contribute to diversification. See definitions ›

If the employee you are nominating identifies as a member of one or more of the following equity groups, please indicate below.

Desired Billboard Location

Indicate your preferred location in the City of Winnipeg. Regional billboards are also available in select cities and towns – if seeking a rural Manitoba placement, please identify the location below. While we’ll do our best to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee preferred placement.
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