Accessibility Plan

In 2013, the Province of Manitoba announced the Accessibilities for Manitobans Act which requires organizations to develop and implement plans to enhance accessibility in five areas: Customer Service, Employment, Information and Communications, Built Environment and Transportation.

The Act focuses first on government and publicly funded organizations, including post-secondary institutions to meet the standards as they are released over several years.

Red River College has a long standing — and successful practice — of identifying barriers to accessibility and implementing changes to meet the needs of our students, employees and the broader community.

As a community we take pride in this work because we all play an important role in making Red River College an open and accessible community that helps foster success for all that attend. These standards give us an additional lens with which to review our current practices and consult with our community to identify and address emerging needs.

Guided by a team representing many areas of the College, phase one of this project is complete. Subsequent phases will be undertaken with updates to the plan as new standards are released.

Accessibility Plan (PDF)
Accessibility Plan (Word)

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