Red River College Polytechnic is offering new, online micro-credential courses that align with some of the most desired skills sought by employers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Some of the micro-credential courses are offered through RRC Polytech partner organizations and associations that specialize in continuing education and lifelong learning training.

What Are Micro-Credentials?

Micro-credentials are shareable endorsements of knowledge, skills or competencies gained through the completion of a course or module or demonstration of understanding.

They are also known as digital badges, micro-certifications or mini-degrees, and allow employers to see immediate qualifications for the specific skills that they are seeking.

For these reasons, micro-credentials are seen as the future of lifelong learning.

Main Takeaways

Red River College Polytechnic’s micro-credential online courses offer several important benefits:

  • Gain practical skills to advance your career or start a new one.
  • Learn on your own schedule with flexible online courses.
  • Complete courses quickly.
  • Earn micro-credentials that immediately show off your skills to employers.

Quizzes are administered throughout most of the courses on a pass/fail basis.

Community Services Micro-Credential Courses

Child with educator

Learn the skills to upskill in fields that help children, youth, families and older adults.

Featuring: Mentorship in Early Childhood Education courses

Energy Micro-Credential Courses

Energy worker checking a meter

Create bright career opportunities and support environmental sustainability with micro-credential courses for the energy industry.

Health Sciences Micro-Credential Courses

Health worker helping a patient

Help with relief efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Manitoba with courses providing expertise from virus testing and vaccination to health care support.

Leadership and Management Micro-Credential Courses

Female leaders in the boardroom

Improve your ability to lead and manage team members with courses specializing in collaboration, communication, conflict management and process improvement in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Featuring: Virtual-Hybrid Leadership Fundamentals course

Manufacturing and Skilled Trades Micro-Credential Courses

Women in trades

Learn the skills to get ahead in a career in manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

Featuring: General Labour courses

New Media Micro-Credential Courses

Student learning new media

Become proficient in digital technologies that help organizations and side businesses drive revenue with new media courses.

Social Innovation Micro-Credential Courses

Young Indigenous person in the community

Be seen as a progressive professional committed to Indigenous relationship-building and reconciliation with social innovation courses.

Technology Skills Micro-Credential Courses

Programmer examining code

Get ahead with the latest technology skills that help accelerate businesses and careers in the new way of working.

Custom Micro-Credential Courses for Organizations

Manager leading their team

Partner with RRC Polytech to design and implement custom-fit micro-credential courses to quickly upskill your teams.

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Additional Information

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