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Red River College Polytechnic is offering new, online micro-credential courses that align with some of the most desired skills sought by employers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Some of the micro-credential courses are offered through RRC Polytech partner organizations and associations that specialize in continuing education and lifelong learning training.

What Are Micro-credentials?

Micro-credential badge

Micro-credentials are shareable endorsements of knowledge, skills or competencies gained through the completion of a course or module or demonstration of understanding.

They are also known as digital badges, micro-certifications or mini-degrees, and allow employers to see immediate qualifications for the specific skills that they are seeking.

For these reasons, micro-credentials are seen as the future of lifelong learning.

Main Takeaways

Our micro-credential online courses offer several important benefits:

  • Gain practical skills to advance your career or start a new one.
  • Learn on your own schedule with flexible online courses.
  • Complete courses quickly.
  • Earn micro-credentials that immediately show off your skills to employers or clients.

Fully Funded Quick Train Micro-credentials

Tuition-free, fully funded micro-credential courses allow you to quickly gain specific skills that prepare you for success as an increasing number of industry sectors shift to more sustainable practices.

Discover All Fully Funded Micro-credential Courses

Business Micro-credential Courses

RRC Polytech online micro-credential courses in business

Prepare your career for the fast-paced business world with courses that guide you from deconstructing and understanding the numbers crucial to any business to running your own enterprise.

Featuring: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving courses

Clean Tech Micro-credential Courses

Electric Winnipeg Transit bus made possible by RRC Polytech

Invest in a cleaner economy and brighter future with clean technologies that offer opportunities to gain in-demand “green” skills.

Featuring: Fully funded Hydrogen Fuel, Emission Reduction, Electric Vehicle and Building Envelope courses

Community Services Micro-credential Courses

Child with educator

Learn the skills to upskill in fields that help children, youth, families and older adults.

Featuring: Mentorship in Early Childhood Education and Shelter Support Worker courses

Cybersecurity Micro-credential Courses

IT worker on a laptop

Expand your IT skills with the latest cybersecurity and information security training, including certification exam preparation.

Featuring: Security Assessment, Risk Management and Exam Prep courses

Data Science Micro-credential Courses

RRC Polytech online micro-credential courses in data science

Upskill or reskill in data science, a growing field that is integral to many organizations. Courses provide the necessary skills to succeed in data-focused jobs.

Featuring: Data Analytics courses

Energy Micro-credential Courses

Energy worker checking a meter

Create bright career opportunities and support environmental sustainability with micro-credential courses for the energy industry.

Engineering Micro-credential Courses

Learn the skills to excel in the engineering world with training in the design and creation of devices, machines, and structures.

Featuring: AutoCAD courses

Film Industry Training Micro-credential Courses

Man and woman working in the film industry

Gain the skills to excel behind the scenes in the film industry with courses focused on the administrative tasks that make the magic of film and TV possible.

Featuring: Film Accounting courses

Health Sciences Micro-credential Courses

Health worker helping a patient

Help with relief efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Manitoba with courses providing expertise from virus testing and vaccination to health care support.

Leadership and Management Micro-credential Courses

Female leaders in the boardroom

Improve your ability to lead and manage team members with courses specializing in collaboration, communication, conflict management and process improvement.

Featuring: Coaching and Communication courses

Manufacturing and Skilled Trades Micro-credential Courses

Women in trades

Learn the skills to get ahead and thrive in careers in manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

Marketing Micro-credential Courses

Businesswoman meeting with businessman

Succeed in the marketing world with rapid training that provides the up-to-date skills in marketing strategy and execution.

Featuring: Digital Marketing courses

Social Innovation Micro-credential Courses

Young Indigenous person in the community

Be seen as a progressive professional committed to Indigenous relationship-building and reconciliation with social innovation courses.

Featuring: Fully funded Indigenous Consultation courses

Technology Skills Micro-credential Courses

Programmer examining code

Get ahead with the latest technology skills that help accelerate businesses and careers in the new way of working.

Featuring: Microsoft Excel 365 courses

Custom Micro-credential Courses for Organizations

Woman at flipchart

Partner with RRC Polytech to design and implement custom-fit micro-credential courses to quickly upskill your teams.

Course Availability

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Additional Information

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