Important: All Residents are required to complete the screening tool prior to move-in.

Applicants from anywhere outside of Manitoba
We are processing applications for any student who is prepared to complete their self-isolation requirement for 14 days upon arrival into Manitoba. Prior to move-in all students arriving from outside of Manitoba are required to provide travel itinerary (ex. Flight information) and proof of completion of self-isolation (ex. Accommodation receipt). Learn more about self-isolation options available in Winnipeg.

Fully vaccinated students are exempt from quarantine when traveling to Manitoba. If you believe that you are exempt from this requirement, please forward your vaccination information to Health Services. This information should include the name of the vaccine that you received as well as date(s) of vaccination. Health Services will store this information and will not share any details. Red River College does not approve the exemption, but will notify Campus Living that the student is cleared to return to campus.


Red River College is accepting Applications and has open rooms for:

  • Fall Term (August 26, 2021- December 18, 2021)

Applications for Winter Term will open on October 19, 2021.

Fall 2021 Room Options

Modern, air-conditioned, fully furnished suites (see photos) are available at the Exchange District Campus Residence. The Residence also features a shared kitchen, laundry rooms, and several common areas that have WiFi and are available for study, entertainment and socializing.

360 Tours

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Important Information for Fall 2021 Rooms
All Double suites will be reserved as single occupancy (no roommates) until further notice. As of Fall 2021, single-occupancy Double suites will be priced at the Premium Single Residence fee rate.

A student who applies for and is offered a Premium Single suite will be assigned either a Premium Single or a single-occupancy Double suite.

Resident in a Double suite will not have access to the suite’s second bedroom.

A Residence applicant may request a double or twin bed and will be notified if requested bed size is available.

In the event that public health orders allow an increase in Residence occupancy, Residents who are then assigned a roommate will receive the difference in value as a credit on their Residence fees for all remaining dates of their reservation.

Eating in Residence

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Accessing the Internet

Wireless network access is available in the lounge areas of the residence and each room has a wired Internet connection. Double suites have connectivity in each of the bedrooms and in the common area. Single rooms have only one network connection.

The network connection is a College academic network connection and is subject to College IT usage policies. The network traffic may be monitored and content is filtered to prevent inappropriate internet access.

You must have valid College student account credentials (i.e., user ID and password) to access the wireless network. No credentials are needed to access the wired network but may be required to access specific resources on the network (i.e., Portal and WebAdvisor).

Television, Phone and Third-party Internet Services

Residents may choose to subscribe to local television, phone and internet services at their own cost.

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