NOTE: The following are 2020-2021 fees and are presented as a guideline only. All fees are subject to change without notice. Any changes to Tuition and other Program Specific fees will be communicated to students after they are finalized.

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Deposit and Tuition Payment Options

1. Online Payments

Quickly and easily pay through your Self-Service account with Visa or MasterCard. When paying with credit card, a non-refundable 1.75% user fee will be added.

Please note that we only accept Visa and or MasterCard as form of credit card payments.

NOTE: If you do not know your user ID or password, visit RRC HUB.

2. Internet Banking

Pay online through your financial institution. Allow five business days prior to the payment due date for bank processing. If choosing this option, select Red River College – Tuition Payment’. Your account number is your student number and the term (found at the top of the Registration Statement. I.e. F2017FA’).

3. Interac e-Transfer

Transfer funds via email to If you choose this option, you must include the full name of the student or applicant, their date of birth (mm/dd/yy) and payment type (e.g. application fee payment or tuition payment) in the email message field prior to sending.

4. PayMyTuition (International Payments)

Red River College has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. PayMyTuition is fast, simple and cost effective.

Pay Now with PayMyTuition ›

5. Wire/Bank Transfer

Fees may be transferred electronically to the College. Allow five to ten business days prior to the payment due date for bank processing. Indicate your name and student number on the remittance form and email a copy to

Royal Bank of Canada, Main Branch
220 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3C 0A5

For Account: Red River College
Financial Institution 003
Transit (Branch) Number 00007
Account Number 154-895-7
Swift Code ROYCCAT2

6. By Phone

Deposit and tuition payments will be accepted by telephone with Visa or MasterCard.

Phone: 204-632-2327 (Monday to Friday 8:00am – 3:45pm)
Toll-free: 1-800-903-7707 (Monday to Friday 8:00am – 3:45pm)

When paying with credit card, a non-refundable 1.75% user fee will be added. Please note that we only accept Visa and MasterCard as form of credit card payments.

7. By Mail

Send payment, noting student number, program, and term to:

Financial Services, Room C212
2055 Notre Dame Ave.
Winnipeg, MB, R3H OJ9

8. Employment Manitoba, Manitoba Student Aid and Sponsored Students

If you expect to receive funding from either Employment Manitoba (EM) or Manitoba Student Aid (MSA) you are still required to pay the $400 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit by the deposit due date.

If you will be sponsored by an agency other than Canada/Manitoba Student Loan or Employment Manitoba you must either pay your deposit by the deposit due date or have your sponsorship agency submit a completed RRC Sponsorship Authorization form by the deposit due date.

9. HigherEdPoints

Use loyalty points to pay your tuition fees.

HigherEdPoints allow you to apply Aeroplan or TD Reward Points to your tuition fees. Sign up with HigherEdPoints and follow the steps for the loyalty program. Once you’ve completed the transfer, it will take up to three business days for the points to be applied to your student account.

Get started today ›

NOTE: All fees marked with an asterisk (*) below include GST.

Application Fees

Domestic applicants must submit a $105 non-refundable application fee with each application. International students must submit a $120 non-refundable application fee with each application. An application fee paid by cheque that is returned NSF will result in the cancellation of the application. The NSF charge plus application fee must be paid before the application will be processed. Applicants with outstanding accounts at the College will not be permitted to apply or register for any College programs.

International applicants: visit International Education for more information.

Fee Type Amount
Domestic Students $105
International Students $120
Re-Admission Application Fee – fee to re-apply for a program which the student has formally withdraw from, and wishes to be readmitted $105

Deposit Fees

Applicants are required to pay non-transferrable/non-refundable deposit for each full time program. Deposit fees are credited toward the student’s program fees. If the student does not register in the program or cancels, the deposit fee is forfeiture.

Fee Type Amount
Domestic Students $400
International Students – 100% refundable only if study permit is refused $1,500
International Students – 100% refundable no matter the circumstances $7,500

Assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning Fees

Fee Type Amount
Entrance Test Fee – non-refundable per test fee for applicants who write entrance tests to determine their eligibility and/or readiness to enter college programs.  $46
International Credentials Assessment Fee – fee to access foreign credentials related to admission requirements $67.20*
Recognition of Prior Learning, Portfolio Assessment and/or Transfer Credit Fees  fee to assess credit from another institution or other previous training and experience  $25-$375
Recognition of Prior Learning Fee – Challenge Examinations fee to access written/oral/practical examinations, skill demonstrations, simulations, projects, assignments or any combination $50 per hour of assessment up to max $500 per course
Language Training Centre – Assessment (GST may be applied to some these fees at the time of payment)
OWLS Assessment Fee $176.20
Complete Cantest $135*
Cantest Group $90*
Cantest Speaking test $45*
Cantest Repeat test – one skill $45*
Cantest Feedback $25*
Language Assessment for Medical Professionals (LAMP) – Assessment tool developed by LTC to assess communication competency of internationally educated medical professionals $60*

Tuition Fees and Other Program Specific Fees

Tuition Fees – Tuition fees vary by program. See Locations, Dates and Fees section under specific Program in the Program and Course Catalogue

Fee Type Amount
Student Services Fee – supports ongoing delivery and development of academic advising, counselling, tutoring, career and employment services, library, maintenance, repairs and renovations, and student recruiting.  $97 per term
Lab Fee – annual fee designed to cover small equipment costs associated with labs and shop spaces  $105 – $303
(Annual fee divided by and assessed each academic term)
Material Fee – annual fee designed to cover costs directly associated with running the program including materials and supplies, printing and program specific licenses $82 – $1,410
(Annual fee divided by and assessed each academic term)
Technology Fee – annual fee designed to cover system support for the devices in the program and infrastructure for the classroom to support BYOD program  $296
(Annual fee divided by and assessed each academic term)
Technology Infrastructure Fee – annual fee enables the College to progress towards meeting the student needs for mobile technology access and technology support services.  $91 per term
Endowment Fees – applicable to certain program designed to make enhancements to the program or set up bursaries  $54 per year
Canadian Nursing Student Association Fee – Nursing students only paid to the College Of Registered Nurses of Manitoba  $10
Student Services Fee – supports ongoing delivery and development of academic advising, counselling, tutoring, career and employment services, library, maintenance, repairs and renovations.  $160
Supplemental Exam Fee – fee charged to rewrite exams Only available for some programs)  $63
Food Handler’s Fee – Hospitality and Tourism Management, Culinary Arts and Professional Baking  $36
First Aid Fee – Hospitality and Tourism Management, Culinary Arts and Professional Baking  $65

Fees to Repeat a Portion of the Academic Year 

Students who are required to repeat a portion of their academic year for any reason must pay the fees associated with that term before they can continue their program. It is the responsibility of the student, if receiving a Canada Student Loan or a Sponsorship, to apply to the appropriate organization for a reassessment of funds to pay tuition for repeat terms. The student must also advise one of the Student Service Centres of any new funding to avoid late charges or penalties. 

Tutoring and Academic Coaching

Fee Type Amount
Tutoring – per hour $40
Proctoring – fee per week – full time students. This is a service provided to students with disabilities that cannot take tests with their classmates. A staff member is present during the testing time, and may host students from different departments writing at the same time.  $40
Proctoring – fee per week – part time students  $20
Computerized Note Taker – per hour. This is a service provided to students who have difficulty hearing in a group environment.  $40
ASLI (American Sign Language Interpreter) – per hour. This is a service provided to students who need communication accessibility.  $45
Assistive Technology Support – flat fee. This service is provided to students with disabilities, where hardware and software is used assist in learning.  $312

Student Association Fees

Student Association per their bylaws, levies fees to provides services to its student members. The services include advocacy and consultation’s, wellness, repairs, maintenance and capital, coordinates events and trips, provides furnishings for student spaces, administers student plans, provides campus volunteer and job opportunities. 

Fee Type Amount
 Health Plan Fees – Student Association levies annual mandatory fees for full time students who meet the eligibility enrollment criteria $135
International Emergency Health Insurance – Student Association levies a fee to provide coverage for international students no longer covered by Manitoba Health $766.50
Dental Plan Fees – Student Association levies annual mandatory fees for full time students who meet the eligibility enrollment criteria $120
Student Association Fees Notre Dame and Exchange District Campuses
Students enrolled for less than four weeks pay no SA Fees.
Student Association Fee  $7.50 per credit when when credits are less than or equal to 8 credits per term

$69 per term when credits are greater than 8 and less than or equal to 51 credits

$138 per term when credits are greater than 51 credits

Satellite Campuses including Regional Campuses and Stevenson Campus 
Student Association Fee $30 per year when students enrolled full time (6 or more hours per week) in 6,7,8,9 month programs

$3.75 per month when students enrolled full time less than 6 months

$6.25 per course when students enrolled for less than 6 hours per week 

Continuing Education
Student Association Fee $69 per term when students enrolled in a full time program

$10 per course when student enrolled in less than 6 hours per week (in-class and online/distance delivery) 

Letters and Document Request Fees

View these Document Request Forms.

Fee Type Amount
Parchment Credential Replacement Fee – replacement of certificates and diplomas – all programs and campuses  $67.20*
Confirmation of Enrolment – letter issued to confirm student is enrolled in a program at the College – all programs and campuses $18.90*
Confirmation of Graduation – letter issued to confirm student graduated from the College $18.90*
Archive Search Fee – fee to search for documents going back at least 25 years $110.25*
Letter of Permission Fee – fee to request letters asking for credit for course(s) taken at another university or college while on programs at Red River College $61.95*
T2202 Replacement Fee – fee to print tax form T2202A $18.90*
Transcript Fee – printing of official mark transcript $29.40*
Document Transmission Fee – fee to fax, email or mail requested documents $6.30*

Finance Charges

Fee Type Amount
International Administration Fee – fee to process a refund cheque or to courier documents to international students  $100
Late Fees – Assessed when program/student fees outstanding 5 days after the program start date  $50
Late Fees – Assessed when program/student fees outstanding 29 days after the program start date   7.50%
Penalty Fee – fee assessed when a payment is rejected by the student’s financial institution  $50
Credit Card Convenience Fee – fee assess to students who chose to pay their tuition using a credit card  1.75%
Payment Plan Fee – fee assessed to arrange a payment plan $40 for 2 payments, $50 for 4-5 payments, and $60 for 6 payments
Payment Plan Fee – fee when a prearranged payment is missed – full payment of the balance is immediately due  $25

Miscellaneous Charges

Assorted fees and charges at Red River College.

Fee Type Amount
Photo ID Card – full time students receive their first Photo ID Card as part of their Student Service Fee. This fee is charged for replacement cards. $35
Alumni Card – Card available to alumni offering membership benefits with communities and businesses  $10
Locker rentals
NDC/EDC/PGI – 10 months rental  $40*
NDC/EDC/PGI – 4 months rental  $25*
NDC/EDC/PGI – 10 week rental  $15*
NDC Gym Locker – 12 month Full  $25*
NDC Gym Locker – 12 month half  $15*
EDC Gym Locker – 10 month $25*
EDC Gym Locker – 4 month  $15*
EDC Gym Locker – 10 weeks  $10*
Bike Locker $0*
Lost Locker Key Fee $25
Admin Fee – change lockers, cleaning, lost lock $10

Recreation and Athletic Fees

Fee Type Amount
Recreation Fee – fee to use the College’s recreation facilities
Full-time Students – per term fee (excluding CE – see below, Co-op and Regionals)  $21 per term
$2 for individual Continuing Education and Regional courses 
Apprentice, LTC, summer membership $20/4 month membership 
Miscellaneous Athletic Fees 
Athletics Fees – towel service  $26.25* (1 term) and $42* (2 terms) 
Athletics Fees – body composition analysis  $40*
Athletics Fees – fitness assessments  $60*
Athletics Fees – personal trainer  $50* (1 session), $45* (2-4 sessions), $40* (5+ sessions) 
Athletics Fees – group training  $30/person* (2), $25/person* (3), $20/person* (4) 
Athletics Fees – fitness classes and recreation special events Various*
Athletics Fees – Paramedic fitness testing  $120*
Athletic Fees – Student athletic participation fee – fees to participate on varsity sport programs to offset cost of running the programs  $175

Campus Living

Fee Type Amount
Student Rental
VIP suite rental daily  $24.66*
Student daily rate  $21.58
PGI non student and short term daily rate $24.15*
Student weekly rate $210
Residence Kitchen Fee – (previously Meal Plan Admin)  $100 per term
Residence Program Fee $40 per term
Residence Miscellaneous Fees
Application Fees $50
Residence Deposit (refundable) $350
Key/Card Replacement $25
Room Change Fee $50
Cleaning Charge Various*
Storage Fee (Monthly Charge) $50*
Maintenance/Damage Charge  Various*
Disciplinary Fine Various
Room Termination Fee $350
Deposit Forfeiture $350
Late Fee on Payment $50
Resident Payment Plan set up Fee $40

Parking Fees

Fees apply to both students and staff.

Fee Type Amount
NDC – power parking – per month $60*
NDC – non-power parking – per month $53*
NDC – motorcycle – per month $35*
NDC – reduced rate non power – per month $33.81*
NDC – reduced rate power – per month $40.03*
NDC – hourly parking -per hour and per day $1.50* – $24*
Portage – Power – per month $10*
Portage – non power – per month $5*
LTC – per month $96.90*
Stevenson – power – per month $36.20*
Stevenson – non power – per month $30.75*
Parking Fines Base charge $25-$150 – max charge $70-$300

Terms and Conditions

Payment of Program and Students’ Association Fees

Program Fees (tuition, lab and materials, technology, software, student service fees and endowment fees) and Students’ Association fees are payable on or before the academic term start date. Where a student registers after the academic term start date, program and Students’ Association fees are due and payable at the time of registration.

Sponsored Students

Where program/student fees are to be billed to a third party, a completed Sponsorship Authorization form is to be provided by the program deposit deadline. Fees payable by a sponsor are due upon receipt of invoice. Where fees are billed to a third party, any refund shall be returned directly to the third party.

Government Sponsored Student Loan Recipients

Students who have applied for a government sponsored loan are responsible for ensuring the Government Student Loan process is followed and their program/student fees are received by the College by noted deadlines.

Approved government sponsored student loans recipients will have their program/student fees automatically deducted from their student loans. The lending institution will forward the payment directly to the College if the proper process is followed.

Students who have not received their student loans by their program start date must contact one of the Student Service Centres to discuss payment arrangements. Failure to do so will result in the levy of a late fee.

Students whose loan applications are not approved are responsible for making payment arrangements immediately upon notification of non-receipt of the loan. Students are responsible for payment of their course in full, even if their loan application is not approved. All refund procedures and policies apply.

Employment Manitoba Assisted Students

Employment MB assisted students are responsible for paying their portion of program/student fees by the payment due date. Employment MB will remit the assisted portion of the program/student fees directly to RRC. If the Training Assistance Notification (TAN) Form is not received by the College on or before the payment due date, the student is responsible for the entire amount due and/or accrued late fee charges.

Refund Policies and Procedures

NOTE: Refunds may take up to eight weeks to process. Depending on the payment method, a refund may have to be processed through a third-party, which can increase the processing time by an additional 2-4 weeks.

Full-Time Programs

(Excluding Contract Training and Regional Campus students*)

  • Withdrawal within the first 7% of the term – refund of 100% fees less non-refundable deposit where applicable.
  • Withdrawal between 7% and 25% of the term – refund of 50% fees.
  • Withdrawal after 25% of the term – no refund
  • Health and dental fees are fully refundable up to 30 calendar days from start of the program.

*Full-time Regional Campus students should contact staff at their campus for the refund policy.


A student receiving permission to move from one full-time funded program within the College to another will have the unused portion of their program/student fees credited toward the fees for the new program. This does not include requests for a transfer of funds from full-time funded programs to Continuing Education or Online Education programs.

Applying For Refund/Withdrawal

Students who choose to withdraw from their program of studies, including those who choose not to return for an upcoming term, are responsible for the submission of a completed Full-Time Program Withdrawal Form.

The effective withdrawal date will be the date that the Full-Time Program Withdrawal Form is received by Red River College, and will determine any eligibility for refund. Students are responsible for all applicable fees up to the date the withdrawal form has been received by the College.

Submit a Full-Time Program Withdrawal Form ›

Refunds will be processed in the same manner as the original payment method; however cash and debit payments refunds will be made by cheque or directly deposit to your bank account.

Refunds of fees that have been paid with the proceeds of a government sponsored student loan or by a third party will be issued to the lender or third party.

Suspension of a College Program

Students who have applied for or have been accepted into a College program that is later suspended are eligible for a full refund of any program/student fees paid, including the deposit and application fees.

Part-Time Programs

Classroom Delivery (includes Regional Campuses)

A refund of tuition, less the $50 administration fee will be granted to students who officially withdraw from courses (17 hours or more) up to the day before the start of the second class. For workshops (16 hours or less), and some selected courses, partial refunds are available eight days prior to the first class. Subsequent to this, refunds shall not be granted.

Online Education

A partial refund will be granted if the Continuing Education Office receives the student’s request no later than 10 days after the scheduled start date of the course.

The refundable amount shall be the registration fee less the following:

  • the $50 administration fee
  • the cost of that part of the course package (including materials, videotapes, readings, etc.) which is not returned in its original condition
  • the cost of shipping
  • the cost of assignments marked
  • the cost of telephone and instructional charges incurred for teleconference and tutorial calls.

Outstanding Debts

Refunds of program/student fees may be reduced by other outstanding debts, such as bookstore charges, parking fees, library fines, etc. Students who fail to pay their accounts within the specified deadlines may have their registration cancelled. College services including marks, diploma/certificate, and future registrations will be withheld until all financial obligations to the College have been met in full.

Tuition and Education Credit Certificate

For income tax purposes, T2202 tax receipts will be available online at the end of February.