Service Issues

If you have a complaint or concern related to a service you received, the College would like to be informed so the matter can be resolved. There are a number of steps that may be taken to resolve the issue, however, we encourage you to begin discussions with the person most directly involved. If the matter is not resolved, we would encourage you to contact the area supervisor, then the area manager.

Student Appeals

Red River College operates with a “clear process for academic appeals, disciplinary appeals, and handling of student complaints.” As a student at Red River College, you have the right to appeal any mark or disciplinary action taken against you. Brochures on the Appeal Process are available in the Student Service Centres.

Policy S3 outlines the process by which a student may seek a review of a decision that has been made regarding an academic evaluation, discipline, or another matter that affects a student’s academic career.

All stages of the appeal process will be conducted with fairness by an objective decision-maker. Both the appellant and the respondent will have a reasonable opportunity to present their side of the issue, will know the position of the other side, and will be heard fairly. Decisions will be made by individuals with no personal interest in the outcome of the appeal.

If you’re unsure about the process, contact an Academic Advisor at or a Student Service Centre, or download the Student Appeal form.