Complaints and Concerns

Complaints and Concerns

Service Issues

If you have a complaint or concern related to a service you received, the College would like to be informed so the matter can be resolved. There are a number of steps that may be taken to resolve the issue, however, we encourage you to begin discussions with the person most directly involved. If the matter is not resolved, we would encourage you to contact the area supervisor, then the area manager.

Student Appeals

RRC Polytech is committed to fair, timely and consistent decision-making that relates to policies and procedures regarding students. The College acknowledges a student’s right to appeal certain decisions in certain circumstances. As a student at RRC Polytech, you have the right to appeal the following:

  1. Instances of academic integrity breach and non-academic misconduct or breach;
  2. Academic assessment or grades;
  3. Academic accommodations; and/or
  4. Recognition of prior learning (“RPL”) decisions.

Overview of the Appeal Process

Policy S3 and the associated procedures outline the process by which a student may seek a review of these types of decisions. Appeals must be made online by completing the appeal form on HUB.
More information can be found in the Student Appeal Guide. If you’re unsure about the process, contact an RRC Polytech Students’ Association representative.

  1. Decide whether to appeal
    Decide to make an appeal related to one of the following:
    • Grades
    • Accommodation
    • Discipline
    • Recognition of prior learning
  2. Consider the reasons for the appeal
    Consider whether you have grounds to file an appeal based on the appeal type. Procedures outline the grounds for the four appeal types.
  3. Attempt an informal resolution
    Start the process through emailing or talking to the decision maker within five days (does not apply to discipline appeals) to attempt an informal resolution.
  4. Fill out Student Appeal form
    If not resolved, fill out the Student Appeal form for the type of appeal and attach supporting documents. Such forms are located on HUB Forms.
  5. The appeal is reviewed
    Decision maker will review the form submission and supporting documents.
  6. The decision is announced
    You will receive a written decision within 15 days of receipt of your submission.
  7. Appeal process is complete
    The decision is final and the appeal process is complete.

Student Appeal Resources for Students

View the Student Appeal Guide for more information about appeals and the process of initiating an appeal.

Student Appeal Resources for Staff

More information about Student Appeals, including a Staff Handbook, is available on Staff Forum.

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