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Student Appeal Guide

Appealable Decisions

RRC Polytech (the “College”) is committed to fair, timely and consistent decision-making that relates to policies and procedures regarding students. The College acknowledges a student’s right to appeal certain decisions in certain circumstances.

Appeals can only be made on the following decisions:

There is no appeal available for the following types of decisions:

  • Removal from class or campus for the duration of the day;
  • Oral or written reprimand;
  • The Implementation of a Behavioural Contract;
  • Academic probation or academic program suspension issued as a result of a Student’s GPA in accordance with Policy A22— Academic Standards.

Steps of the Appeal Process

  1. Decide whether to appeal
    Decide to make an appeal related to one of the following:
    • Grades
    • Accommodation
    • Discipline
    • Recognition of prior learning
  2. Consider the reasons for the appeal
    Consider whether you have grounds to file an appeal based on the appeal type. Procedures outline the grounds for the four appeal types.
  3. Attempt an informal resolution
    Start the process through emailing or talking to the decision maker within five days (does not apply to discipline appeals) to attempt an informal resolution.
  4. Fill out Student Appeal form
    If not resolved, fill out the Student Appeal form for the type of appeal and attach supporting documents. Such forms are located on HUB Forms.
  5. The appeal is reviewed
    Decision maker will review the form submission and supporting documents.
  6. The decision is announced
    You will receive a written decision within 15 days of receipt of your submission.
  7. Appeal process is complete
    The decision is final and the appeal process is complete.

Informal Resolution

  1. To expedite the process, the students are required to attempt to resolve the issue by meeting with the original decision-maker as soon as possible within 5 working days of being informed of the decision.
    • This timeframe may be extended in situations where the original decision-maker is not available to meet within the stipulated timeframe, but a student’s failure to initiate a request within the 5 days will not be a valid reason for an extension.
  2. If a resolution is not reached with the original decision-maker, the student may start a formal appeal process into the matter.

Initiation of the Formal Appeal Process

  1. If the appeal falls within the permitted reasons listed within the S3- Student Appeal Policy and the student decides to pursue the formal appeal process following receipt of the written outcome of the informal resolution process, they need to pay the fees (only for academic appeal and recognition of prior learning appeals) and complete the prescribed Student Appeal Process Form.
  2. The burden of proof is on the student to show that, on a balance of probabilities, it is more likely than not that the decision relating to the final grade or academic standing is incorrect.
  3. The Student Appeal Process form needs to be sent to the following individuals for review:
    • Grade Appeals are to be forwarded to the Academic Manager.
    • Academic or Non-Academic Misconduct Appeals are to be forwarded to the Academic Manager.
    • Recognition of Prior Learning Appeals is to be forwarded to the Academic Manager.
    • Academic Accommodation Appeals are to be forwarded to the Director of Student Support Services.

Initial Review

Upon receipt of the Appeal, there shall be an initial review of the following:

  1. Whether the appeal falls within the scope of the stipulated within S3 – Student Appeals policy;
    • Note:  it is up to the student to ensure that the appeal falls within the permitted reasons listed within the S3- Student Appeal Policy.  All other appeals that do not fall within the permitted will be automatically denied and not be subject to further review.
  2. Whether the student has undertaken or initiated an informal resolution with the original decision-maker within 5 working days of the decision;
  3. Whether the Student Appeal Form has been completed:
    • Ensure that the grounds of appeal are stated;
    • Evidence is attached including the work in question, any rubrics, assessment feedback, student conversation with the instructor etc.;
  4. Ensure that the form has been forwarded to the appropriate individual for review and;
  5. the appeal may not proceed further if any of those requirements are not met.

Formal Review Overview

Once there is sufficient evidence and reasonable grounds for the appeal to proceed, there shall be a review of the matter.

  1. The review shall consist of any and all relevant documents submitted by the student and ones that can be requested to serve as extrinsic evidence of the matter.
    • The decision-maker may request to meet the student and the original decision-maker to discuss the matter.

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