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Academic Accommodations Appeals

For the purposes of this guide, Accommodations have the same meaning as in Policy A28— Academic Accommodation.

Grounds for Academic Accommodation Appeals

An Academic Accommodation appeal is available only where a student has been denied a requested accommodation.

Where a student believes that an approved accommodation is being improperly implemented at the College level, an appeal is not appropriate and the student should instead contact their Accessibility Specialist for guidance.

In situations where a Grade Appeal is based, in whole or in part, on an allegation of the improper implementation of any approved academic accommodation(s), the Student shall follow the Grade Appeal process set out in this Guide, and also alert their Accessibility Specialist, or in the case of an exam grade, the Supervisor, Exam Accommodations.

Initiating an Appeal

Prior to submitting an appeal of an accommodation decision, the Student must first attempt an informal resolution process by discussing the concern with the applicable department Manager within Student Support Services (i.e., the Manager, Student Accessibility Services; the Manager, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services; or the Manager, Exam Accommodations and Assistive Technology).  This conversation should be initiated as soon as practicable. The Student is required to attempt to resolve the matter informally by discussing the matter with the manager responsible for the accommodation(s) being appealed.

The informal resolution process must be satisfied before the formal appeal process may proceed.  Permission from the Director of Student Support Services is required if the student, or the Manager responsible for the Accommodation, does not wish to participate in the informal resolution process for any reason.

If, following the discussion with the Instructor, the Student believes they have grounds for appeal may initiate a formal appeal by submitting the appeal in writing pursuant to the guidance below.

Appeal Form

The Appeal must be made in writing in by filling out the applicable appeal form. Details provided by the Student must include but are not limited to:

  • The grounds for appeal (i.e. that their accommodation request has been improperly denied);
  • Evidence of the student’s conversation with the applicable department manager regarding the accommodation request (including the date of the conversation, copies of any correspondence related to the discussion, notes from the discussion, or a summary of the discussion prepared by the student.  As well, copies of any correspondence related to the discussion and/or a summary of the conversation prepared by the Student;
  • All applicable correspondence between Student and the decision-maker related to the accommodation request (i.e. emails, letters, medical documents, notes);
  • Any documentation/correspondence that may be applicable to the accommodation request;
  • Remedy sought by the student.


The appeal will thereafter be reviewed by the applicable Academic Manager in accordance with the Student Appeals Procedure.

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