Driving innovation in Manitoba’s vehicle manufacturing industry

Manitoba’s presence as a major transportation hub is growing, and the Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre (VTEC) is fuelling that growth with the development of new on- and off-highway vehicle technologies.

VTEC puts Red River College researchers, staff, students and facilities to work for national and international manufacturers pursuing applied research in vehicle performance and development.

Our areas of focus include the use of renewable fuels, improving the fuel efficiency of fleets, and evaluating and demonstrating emerging technologies, with an emphasis on extreme weather conditions.

You stay in the driver’s seat while we accelerate your project with:

  • Applied Research into current and emerging on- and off-highway vehicle technologies
  • Technical Services such as testing and evaluating components, systems and vehicles
  • Training by preparing tomorrow’s workforce to ensure the successful commercialization of new innovations

Innovation expertise

Companies partner with us because of our expertise in

  • cold-weather/climatic testing
  • emissions testing
  • vehicle-related electronics and software
  • energy conservation and alternatives (e.g., fuels and batteries)
  • light weighting/materials
  • technology integration

We also work with industry in other areas that are important to them. If you have a project, talk to us about shaping a custom solution that meets your needs.

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Industry impact

We have a proven track record of success helping Manitoba’s transportation industry achieve its goals. Find out more about the ways we can help you and your organization.

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