Services and Expertise


The Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre enables organizations to carry out their vision through technology validation, expertise in technical services and training.

Applied Research

Through industry and academic partnerships, our applied research projects encompass the testing, validation and demonstration of current and emerging vehicle technologies and alternative energy systems.

Technical Services

Leveraging our expertise in prototype design, development and fabrication, components and systems testing and validation, system and technology integration, as well as project management and vehicle technology demonstrations.


Knowledge transfer through industry and student engagement in applied research projects. Training available also includes zero emission vehicle technology curriculum development, technical presentations and publications.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Cold-weather and Climatic Testing
    Climatic chamber testing for vehicles at temperatures between -40°C and +50°C, independent of outside ambient temperature, and relative humidity control (upcoming feature). Integrated chassis dynamometers are located inside the chamber for repeatable driving simulations for vehicles under test.
  2. Emissions Testing
    Emissions testing and analysis for on- and off-highway vehicles
  3. Vehicle-related Electronics and Software
    CAN bus data logging, monitoring and analysis of vehicle communications, including Electronic Control Unit (ECU) network testing.
  4. Energy Conservation and Alternatives
    Alternative energy storage and high-voltage battery system integration. Large format battery module capacity and degradation testing and analysis, including development of safety programs to manage risks.
  5. Light Weighting/Materials
    Addressing the engineering needs related to materials, methods of manufacturing and integration/performance of components and systems.
  6. Technology Integration
    Leveraging our staff’s expertise and industry experience in electronics, electrical systems, mechanical and PCB design, data analysis, simulation, testing, project management and material science in technology and systems integration of emerging vehicle technologies and alternative energy system projects.

Our Experts

VTEC has experience working with local and international organizations to develop, evaluate, and provide training on emerging vehicle technologies. Our experts have been actively undertaking applied research projects at Red River College Polytechnic for over a decade.

Jojo Delos Reyes
Research Program Manager

Christopher Basilio, P. Eng
Research Coordinator, VTEC

Michael Myrowich
Research Coordinator, MotiveLab™

Jairuz Agang-ang, EIT
Research Technologist

Jeongsoo Bae, CET
Research Technologist

Bin Yang, CET
Research Technologist

Kevin Dickson, P. Eng
Research Professional

Robert Parsons, Ph. D
Research Professional