Student Supports and Community Relations

Your Home Away from Home

The Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations department offers a centre with many of the comforts of home to ensure your surroundings make you feel welcome.

About Us

We realize how difficult it can be when you choose to leave your family and friends, often by relocating, to pursue your educational goals. We also know that the environment around you must offer the supports and services necessary to help you achieve those goals.

The Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations department offers a centre with many of the comforts of home to ensure your surroundings make you feel welcome.

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Services Offered


Our Indigenous Liaisons/Advisors are a resource for students of First Nation, Metis and Inuit ancestry to assist you in finding your way around the campus and to know where and how to access supports and services. At times, it is comforting to have a point of first contact to respond to inquiries and point you in the right direction.


For information on counselling services, or to book an appointment, please contact us at 204-632-3773.

Indigenous Centre

The Indigenous Centre regularly hosts events such as cultural teachings, traditional teachings, employer presentations, holiday celebrations, family nights, seasonal feasts, traditional craft workshops, resume writing workshops and study skills seminars.

Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships

Are you aware of all the exciting opportunities there are for free money to assist you in your education? That’s correct, free money, all you need to do is apply. We have put together a booklet of all the awards that apply to Indigenous students at Red River College. Let’s make it easier for you, add your name to our Keep Informed program and we’ll send you reminders.


Jules Lavallee and Paul Guimond are located in our Support Centre and welcome staff and students to book an appointment, drop by for a visit or attend various cultural teaching sessions. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact us or stop by F209 at the Notre Dame Campus.

Transition to Employment

Transition to Employment Services provides personalized support and direction to students and recent graduates seeking summer, part-time, full-time and temporary employment. We offer assistance with job search strategies, cover letter and resume writing, interview preparation, employment application forms, informational interviews and current labour market information. Please email Frank Parkes at or Charmaine Mousseau at to arrange online or phone call assistance.


The R-Crew is made up of student volunteers that  take on various roles aimed at easing new students into college life. They are a great resource and super role models who want to make you feel welcome while creating a support system to ensure your success. Students helping students.

Keep Informed

Want to stay informed on what’s new and upcoming? Submit your Name, Program and Email Address to our mailing list at Through this program you can stay up-to-date with college events, awards, bursaries, scholarships, workshops and employment opportunities.