The Indigenous Student Support & Community Relations department hires students each year and is known amongst their peers as the R-Crew – Resource Crew. The R-Crew are leaders who support and encourage other students, assist with events and perform various administrative duties which develop and enhance their skill set. These students are role models and an integral part of our team who help to create our community on campus.


“It’s always a pleasure to meet and work with new people, R-Crew gave the opportunity to come out of my shell and embrace a full college experience. You get a great satisfaction when assisting students and staff here at Red River College. I was a little bit resentful when I first saw the post to apply for R-Crew members but, looking back at the experience, I’m so grateful that I participated. It made my final academic year at RRC so much better. I recommended it to all aboriginal current and future students. Thanks for the memories, Indigenous Student Support Centre.”
– Brent Simms, 2012 R-Crew member

Joining the R-crew was an easy decision for me. I had already started attending the events hosted at the Indigenous Student Center and was looking for a way that I could become more involved. Being part of the R-crew allowed me to develop my skills and mingle with fellow students at the same time! From helping organize feasts and family fun nights, to participating in national panels and cultural events really helped complete my experience at Red River. I would have regretted not getting the chance to get work with the great staff here at RRC, they’re always there whether you are looking for a helping hand or someone to laugh with and these people are fantastic. The R-crew helped me develop my skill profile for after graduation as well. I now have experience and knowledge of event planning, human resources and project management. I would definitely recommend joining the R-crew; it’s a memorable experience and is a fantastic opportunity that should not be passed up.
– Amber Finnbogason, 2012 R-Crew member