Application Deadlines

Get a Head Start and Apply Early to Programs with Application Deadlines

The following programs start in either August or September, but applications must be submitted prior to the deadlines indicated below. Beat the rush for your program of choice and apply today!

Creative Arts

Program and CredentialDeadline
Communication DesignPost-Graduate DiplomaMay 10
Creative CommunicationsDiplomaMay 16
Digital Media DesignCertificateFeb. 28
Game Development – ArtAdvanced DiplomaApr. 30
Game Development – ProgrammingAdvanced DiplomaApr. 30
Graphic DesignDiplomaFeb. 28


Program and CredentialDeadline
Applied Commerce EducationDegree or DiplomaMar. 1
Industrial Arts EducationDegree or DiplomaMar. 1

Health Sciences

Program and CredentialDeadline
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography – EchocardiographyAdvanced DiplomaApr. 15
Diagnostic Medical Sonography – UltrasoundAdvanced DiplomaApr. 15
Medical Laboratory SciencesAdvanced DiplomaApr. 15
Medical Radiologic TechnologyAdvanced DiplomaApr. 15
NursingDegreeApr. 15
Paramedicine – Primary Care ParamedicineDiplomaApr. 15

Discover Other Programs That Don’t Have Application Deadlines

You can register for programs that don’t have application deadlines until the program start date. However, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible – some of these programs might have waitlists, and others allow you to register for courses prior to their start dates, which means the earlier you get accepted, the better your chances are to create a schedule that works for you.