Stevenson Campus

Stevenson Campus

Manitoba is home to the third largest aerospace sector in Canada – and Red River College Polytechnic’s Stevenson Campus is an active partner, training our workforce to participate in all aspects of the aviation and aerospace sector. Our grads are found throughout industry – overhauling aircraft engines, maintaining aircraft, building components, or in management positions such as Directors of Maintenance and Quality Assurance.

If you have an interest in aviation/aerospace and the desire to be part of this exciting field, or you would simply like to know more about it, we invite you to check out our programs and links. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to arrange facility tours as well.

Aviation and Aerospace

The question is often asked – what is the difference between aviation and aerospace? In our industry, it is generally accepted that with respect to aircraft maintenance, aviation refers to the maintenance of operational aircraft carried out by Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) whether it’s repairing aircraft defects, or carrying out minor and major aircraft inspections.

Aerospace generally refers to the overhaul and manufacture of aircraft components, including the manufacture of complete aircraft. For instance – a jet engine is overhauled by an aerospace service provider, and installed on the aircraft by an AME (aviation). Red River College Polytechnic’s Stevenson Campus delivers training in both.

360º Tours

Explore the Stevenson Campus and many of its classrooms through 360º tours.