BETAC logoThe Building Envelope Technology Access Centre (BETAC) provides a multidisciplinary environment to facilitate advancements in building envelope technology primarily for durability and energy efficiency, while addressing the building’s intended use, life service and climate zone location.

Download our two page overview flyer here.

BETAC is a part of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Technology Access Centre (TAC) program. It is intended to enhance the ability of local companies, particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to become more productive and innovative by enabling them to readily access college expertise, technology and equipment. BETAC operates out of the Centre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure (CARSI) at RRC. BETAC engages faculty, staff and students in its applied research and training activities.

Why Engage with BETAC?

BETAC will assist its clients by reducing the risk and/or uncertainty of new building envelope designs and the utilization of new, innovative products and materials. The Centre also recognizes the need to consider the intended use of buildings and the associated potential impacts on the building envelope. Manitoba’s diversified economy and cultural mix has resulted in a wide range of building uses that are subject to unique interior conditions.

BETAC will focus on the serving the needs of:

  • design professionals;
  • contractors and renovators;
  • building developers, owners and managers;
  • building material/product manufacturers and distributors;
  • building envelope consultants, commissioning agents and other service providers;
  • building code authorities; and,
  • industry associations that represent the above organizations and professions.

BETAC Philosophy

  • listen to the client’s needs and understand what the owner’s project requirements are;
  • deliver a unique service of guidance; and,
  • address uncertainties to confirm that the end product will meet its intended expectations.

Email: betacinfo@rrc.ca