Services to Industry

BETAC’s services and activities are concentrated in these three interconnected areas related to building envelope performance:

Technical Services – facility for testing mock-ups and assemblies for air, water, structural and thermal performance during the design phase and prior to their construction, as well as pre-certification testing of product prototypes. The Centre will also provide an advisory service to assist companies and other clients to produce building product development roadmaps.

Applied research – research and testing to accelerate development, adaption and adoption of new building materials, products and assemblies; monitoring and assessing the performance of individual building envelope components and complete assemblies; and assisting industry to develop diagnostic tools and improved methods for identifying building envelope deficiencies.

Specialized education and training – training for testing methods, protocols and standards to address building materials assemblies and whole building performance. Two recent industry developments that have resulted in new opportunities are the Canadian Energy Code for Buildings and the emerging field of Building Envelope Commissioning which has core competencies in: understanding building and materials science; construction management including procurement; and the testing, observation and reporting of the construction of building envelope systems.

The Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings 2011 (MECB) was introduced on December 1, 2014. The new Code calls for the buildings sector to be more energy efficient. It outlines the minimum energy efficiency levels for all new buildings in Manitoba and offers prescriptive,
trade-off and performance paths for greater flexibility in achieving code compliance. The minimum performance requirements of the building envelope has increased greatly from previous versions of building codes. Red River College offers training on the MECB.