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Building Efficiency TAC

Industry Services

Organizations and professionals involved in the design, construction, renovation, commissioning and maintenance of building envelopes partner with the Building Efficiency Technology Access Centre (BETAC) because we have the facilities, equipment and expertise to help them find building envelope solutions suitable for Manitoba conditions.

Services We Offer

BETAC can assist you by reducing the risk and uncertainty of new building envelope designs and the use of new, innovative products and materials. BETAC recognizes the need to consider the intended use of buildings and the associated potential impacts on the building envelope.

Technical Services

Take a concept from paper and computer screen into simulated real-world conditions where it can be tested before a full-scale and expensive commitment has to be made.

BETAC offers testing mock-ups and assemblies for air, water, structural and thermal performance during the design phase and prior to their construction, as well as pre-certification testing of product prototypes. The BETAC also provides an advisory service to assist companies and other clients to produce building product development roadmaps.

Research and Development

BETAC has the facilities, equipment and experienced staff to work with companies and organizations to research, test and assess solutions suitable for extreme conditions.

Our research serves our province’s building envelop industry by pursuing three aims: (1) to accelerate the development, adaption and adoption of new building materials, products and assemblies, (2) to monitor and assess the performance of individual building envelope components and complete assemblies and (3) to develop diagnostic tools and improved methods that help industry identify building envelope deficiencies.

Customized Training

The only constant in our industry is change. The ability to adopt the latest best practices and keep up to date with provincial and federal energy codes is critical to the success of your organization.

We offer flexible training options with best-in-class and cost-effective learning solutions led by industry experienced instructors, including one- to three-day courses and customized modules on building field and lab testing, building science, and building envelope commissioning testing methods. BETAC also provides specialized training for testing methods, protocols and standards to address building materials assemblies and whole building performance, as well as bespoke training packages to suit your needs. Seminars, courses and programs include topics related to testing methods, protocols and standards to address building materials, assemblies and whole building performance.

BETAC can provide a wide range topics of training that include:

  • Building Science
  • Advanced Building Science
  • Residential Energy Auditing
  • Large Building Air Tightness Testing
  • Retrofit Project Management
  • Deep Energy Retrofit Projects for Net Zero Homes
  • Mechanical System Design for Net Zero Homes
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality and Occupant Health in Retrofit and New Construction

We understand that building industry professionals are busy and work under tight schedules. For that reason, we have a team of professionals who can go to your construction site, existing building or other locations convenient to your organization.

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Our Expertise

BETAC’s approach centers on fostering advancements in building efficiency, with a primary emphasis on durability and energy efficiency, as well as promoting occupant health. Our strategies are tailored to address the specific requirements of the building’s intended use, its lifespan, and its climate zone location. We specialize in three core areas of expertise:

Building Materials and Assembly Testing

Testing component materials and assembly concepts before implementation enhances environmental sustainability. Waste is reduced by avoiding post-construction retrofits.

Our expertise in building material and assembly testing includes:

  • Identifying new techniques, saving resources and money
  • Testing full assemblies
  • Testing materials and systems under different environmental conditions to mimic real world conditions
  • Determining compatibility, continuity and constructability of assemblies
  • Determining whether the joints, junctions and penetrations of materials and assemblies will perform as intended
  • Determining the sequence of assembly; reducing trial and error on site lessens the impact on the critical path of the project

Whole Building and Subsystems Testing and Commissioning

Testing concepts before implementation enhances environmental sustainability. Waste is reduced by avoiding post-construction retrofits. More effective techniques can be identified, saving resources and money.

Our expertise in whole building and subsystems testing and commissioning includes:

  • Providing design confirmation by comparing models to actual mock-ups
  • Preparing mock-ups for pre-construction performance confirmation and failure analysis
  • Identifying and mitigating deficiencies prior to construction
  • Delivering building envelope commissioning services (BECx)
  • Verifying design to reduce liability
  • Helping you stay abreast of standards and methods and expand your scope of practice
  • Recognizing that test equipment is in keeping with test protocols
  • Having confidence that test results are accurate and meet with specifications

Building Performance Benchmarking and Monitoring

Times change. Needs change. Regulations change. Stay up-to-date with the industry’s best practices.

BETAC’s building performance benchmarking and monitoring expertise includes:

  • Providing an understanding of actual performance
  • Determining whether designs and assemblies meet code
  • Performing ASTM/AMAA test methods in both the laboratory and field
  • Analysis of ASTM/AMAA test results

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