IMPORTANT: We are committed to providing excellent service and support to our students.

During Fall 2021, we are offering services via video conferencing through MS Teams or WebEx, and in-person. Please note, not all Accessibility Specialists are on campus every day, but we will do our best to meet with you in person, upon request.

While telephone meetings can be arranged upon request, we recommend students meet with their Accessibility Specialist via video conferencing whenever possible.

Red River College Polytechnic is committed to providing persons with documented disabilities fair and equal access to educational programs, services, and facilities. Student Accessibility Services works collaboratively with students, faculty and support staff to identify and implement strategies to ensure that all students can have an equal opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

These services are available to students with all types of documented disabilities including physical, sensory, and learning disabilities as well as persons with chronic medical conditions or mental health disabilities.

NOTE: SAS uses the term “disability” for consistency with the language of the Manitoba Human Rights Code.

Requesting Accommodations

To request and develop your accommodation plan, make an appointment with an Accessibility Specialist.

There are several ways you can prepare for your first meeting with your Accessibility Specialist:

  1. Ensure you have your disability documentation. Disability documentation describes your disability, gives a clear diagnosis, and outlines how your disability might impact you academically. Documentation will also provide information to Student Accessibility Services about how RRC Polytech can best accommodate you. Please see our Disability Documentation Guide for more information on what is required.
  2. Are you sponsored through a community agency? Some students with disabilities may be supported financially to come to Red River College Polytechnic. If this is you, please bring the contact information for your agency worker.
  3. Understand your disability. Think about the ways your disability may have impacted you when you were in high school or when you may have gone to a post-secondary school in the past. What was challenging for you? Having awareness of yourself in this way, will be very valuable in the accommodation planning process.
  4. What has been helpful to you in the past? Did you receive supports in the past? Accommodations may look a little different in college than they did in high school, but any information you can provide about supports that worked well for you, will be useful for your Accessibility Specialist.

Academic Accommodation Policy

Red River College Polytechnic is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to persons with documented disabilities while maintaining a commitment to appropriate academic standards.

Students, Faculty and Student Accessibility Services all work together to ensure accommodations are planned and implemented. To make this work well, we all need to understand our rights and responsibilities in this process.

Read our Academic Accommodation policy