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Student Accessibility Services

Current SAS Students

Are you already registered with Student Accessibility Services and returning for a new academic year or Apprenticeship level? If yes, below are some reminders to set up your accommodations for the new academic year. You may also wish to watch the SAS Returning Student video.

Prior to the start of each academic year, or each Level if you are an Apprenticeship Manitoba student, you will need to meet with your accessibility specialist or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services manager, to review your accommodation plan, make any changes and renew your accommodations. You should meet at least two weeks before the new academic year.

Letters of Accommodation

After you meet with your Accessibility Specialist you will need to approve and release your Letter of Accommodations to each of your instructors through the SAS online portal.

The Letter of Accommodations lists your classroom and exam accommodations. If you have been approved for clinical, practicum or other Work-Integrated Learning accommodations, your Accessibility Specialist will email the accommodation letter to your instructors.

Exam Accommodations

You will need to review and sign the Exam Accommodations Student Responsibility document. This document can be found in the “Student Forms” section of the portal and needs to be signed every year.

Regional Campus students do not need to sign this form since they work directly with their instructors to arrange exam accommodations.

Alternate Format Material

You will need to request alternate format material, such as electronic textbooks if this is part of your accommodation plan.

To make your request, email Be sure to include a list of the textbooks and a copy of your receipts. Please submit your request at least three weeks before your classes start.

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Assistive Technology

If you are a student eligible to use Assistive Technology as a part of your accommodation plans, and have questions about that technology, please email

You can also explore different Assistive Technology supports that do not need to be a part of an accommodation plan.

Starting a New Term or New Course

Below are some things to keep in mind for the rest of the year:

Prior to each new term, or just before you start a new course, you will need to release your Letter of Accommodations to your new instructor(s) through the student portal.

Don’t forget to request alternate format material before you start any new courses if this is part of your accommodation plan.

Accommodation Expiry Date

Make sure you know when your accommodations expire.

Your accommodation expiry date can be found in the “Your Accommodations” section of the portal. Please meet with your accessibility specialist to renew your accommodations at least two weeks before they expire.

New Diagnosis

If you receive a new diagnosis, there is a change in your condition or you would like to request a change to your accommodation plan, please contact your accessibility specialist or DHHS manager.

Canada Student Grant

RRC Polytech students may qualify for the Canada Student Grant to help pay for additional equipment and services. SAS expects students to apply for this grant to help offset the cost of services provided by RRC Polytech.

If you are eligible for the Canada Student Grant through Manitoba Student Aid, please remember to apply prior to the start of each academic year.

Speak with your Accessibility Specialist or DHHS manager for more information on this grant.

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