Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology?

  • Assistive Technology (AT) is equipment, software, devices and strategies that allow people to perform tasks that may have otherwise been difficult to do independently.
  • In an educational setting, AT enhances accessibility and promotes academic success for students.
  • Examples include: screen reader software, text-to-speech software, speech-to-text software, enlarged font keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, track ball mice, LiveScribe smartpens, iPad/iPhone, calculators, wheelchairs, reading rulers, and eye glasses.

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Assistive Technology on Campus

  • Specialized software programs and equipment are located on designated NDC and EDC library computer work stations, as well as in the Student Support Services Assistive Technology computer labs (NDC – D110 and EDC – P210).
  • In-Classroom Equipment – students requiring AT in the classroom are required to meet with a RRC Accessibility Specialist to determine eligibility and accommodations. The Accessibility Specialist and the Assistive Technologist will work with the student to determine what technology is required in the student’s classrooms and/or computer labs.
  • Examples of in-classroom equipment:
    • Adjustable desk
  • Examples of computer lab equipment:
    • ZoomText software
    • Enlarged font keyboard

RRC Assistive Technology Eligibility and Process

Steps to receive Assistive Technology support

  1. Make an appointment with an Accessibility Specialist in Student Accessibility Services.
  2. Provide, to the Accessibility Specialist, documentation that confirms a disability and supports the use of AT. See the information regarding RRC documentation guidelines
  3. Approved students will then be referred to the RRC Assistive Technologist who will conduct a AT assessment, demonstrate various types of AT, and make AT recommendations.
  4. Once you have obtained the assistive technology*, the Assistive Technologist will provide you with training to ensure you feel comfortable using the equipment, and may provide additional support in using the technology to assist your educational goals.
NOTE: Students are responsible for purchasing assistive technology that will assist them during their course of studies at RRC. Student Accessibility Services assists students in securing funding through government grants/programs, when applicable, to purchase the assistive technology.

Expected Timelines
Students are encouraged to contact Student Accessibility Services at the time of application to allow for materials and/or technology arrangements to be made prior to the start of classes. Depending on when the student is referred and the supports required, there is no guarantee that materials will all be in place prior to the start of classes.