Campus Well-Being at RRC Polytech

RRC Polytech understands that personal and community well-being contributes to both student success and employee engagement. That’s why Campus Well-Being provides programs, services and resources to support the holistic health of students, staff and faculty. 

Through sport, fitness, recreation and mental wellness initiatives, we create a greater sense of well-being, belonging and connectedness in our campus community. Health is not only about our bodies, but also about our minds, emotions, spirit and relationships. 

Campus Well-Being has primary responsibility for RRC Polytech’s college-wide mental health strategy while operating two fitness facilities, two gymnasiums, and a variety of virtual and in-person activities.

Guiding Principles

While pursuing these goals, the Campus Well-Being team is committed to the following pillars:

  • Taking a holistic view of health and well-being;
  • Using evidence, assessment, and evaluation to inform decisions;
  • Applying an equity lens and pursuing inclusion to all we do; and
  • Conducting regular consultation with staff, students, and faculty.