Red River College is committed to providing a safe environment for staff, students, and visitors in which to work and learn. Various services are available to support this goal and are also at your disposal to address related health and safety problems and concerns.

Safety and Health Services (SHS) is a department in the Academic Division. The department works in conjunction with Academic programs, the College’s Health Centre, Security Services and the various Joint Workplace Safety and Health Committees.

The main functions of the department include:

  • General Workplace Safety and Health
  • Environmental Hygiene
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety and Health Training

For work-related injuries or claims, contact the WCB/Insurance Claims Coordinator at 204-632-2593.

The SHS Department consists of the following staff that is normally available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.

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Statement of Commitment: Workplace Safety and Health

A strong, proactive workplace safety and health culture is a top priority for Red River College. The College is responsible for and committed to providing all employees, workers, students and visitors with a safe and healthy environment, and will require all to use appropriate safety and health practices in the exercise of their duties.

The President will establish and enforce policies and procedures necessary to address institutional safety and ensure compliance with Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Act is achieved — and exceeded wherever possible.

Safety First at Red River College means setting an exceptional standard as an education leader in workplace safety and health. It is the College’s responsibility to instill a keen awareness of safety standards in our students, preparing them to be safety champions in their future workplaces.

Department Contacts

Jodi Pluchinski
Phone: 204-632-2395

Jennifer Brydon
Acting Manager
Phone: 204-632-2525

David Malo
Safety and Health Officer
Phone: 204-792-3184

Jayson Santos
Safety and Health Officer
Phone: 204-230-2125

Leanne Hearn
Safety and Health Officer
Phone: 204-227-9069

Marleen Belo
Safety and Health Technician
Phone: 204-999-4702

Theresa Niedermayer
Safety and Health Technician
Phone: 204-880-7378

Nicki Albus
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Phone: 204-632-3075

Susan Thorvaldson
Musculoskeletal and Ergonomic Coordinator
Phone: 204-792-8125

Michelle Tabaka
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 204-632-2511

Contact us at

Health Centre

Phone: 204-632-2238

Harpreet Kaur
Health Information Clerk
Phone: 204-632-2238

Chantelle Friesen
Phone: 204-632-6031

Kelli Kingston
Phone: 204-632-2430

Beth Forest
Phone: 204-632-6031