Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology Solutions


The IT Solutions webpage is your home to a number of valuable IT resources.

The Help Resources page provides self‑help tools, suggestions, and advice for improving your productivity. You also can link directly to the College’s ITS Service Desk support‑ticket systems to receive technical support directly from an IT Solutions team member.

To help reduce unnecessary downtime, you can review the latest News and Alerts for information about technical issues, outages, and scheduled maintenance. And if you have forgotten your password or are claiming your account for the first time, you can link directly to the HUB Claim your account / Forgot your password page.

Who we are

Our mission

As the primary stewards of information technology, Information Technology Solutions positively contributes to meeting the goals of the College community in the following ways:

The ITS department comprises five areas reporting to the Director. Each manager works with the department’s team members to ensure optimum service for the College community.


Client Services

Client Services comprises the following three major areas: (1) workstation management, (2) telecommunications, and (3) technical documentation and training.

Workstation Management: Governs the procurement, preparation, maintenance, and support for over 3,000 computers and hundreds of different software packages for academic labs, instructional staff, and administrative support. This area assists with the selection of computer hardware and software and acts as a liaison between the College and its technology partners.

Telecommunications: Serves as the first point of contact for all telecommunication related services such as VoIP, voicemail, smartphones, and cell phones. Activities include procurement, installation, support, and billing for telecommunication services. This area also maintains the online College phone directory.

Technical Documentation and Training: Provides up‑to‑date support documentation through the ITS Help Resources and Team Sites webpages on a wide variety of topics. This area also is responsible for delivering in‑person training on specific technical topics to College faculty and staff. Its goal is to improve the College community’s experience with RRC Polytech technology by providing resources and education.

Enterprise Applications

The Enterprise Applications group provides expertise and support for various custom business applications as well as select third‑party business applications across the College. The group members provide services including consulting, analysis, design, development, integration, upgrading, implementation, reporting, and application management.

HUB is an example of a custom‑developed application that provides a centralized location for RRC Polytech staff and students to connect to the College’s business applications and resources, whereas Colleague is an example of a supported third‑party application that is the primary Enterprise Resource Planning application for the College’s business functions.

The Enterprise Applications group also builds, installs, upgrades, and maintains databases. While adhering to corporate data standards, team members enable database‑to‑database communication, data transfers, backups, and software deployment.

In addition, Enterprise Applications designs and develops operational reports based on user‑defined requirements. The group also can perform process‑mapping analysis to develop and transform manual business processes into repeatable automated processes.

Information Protection and Compliance

Information security involves safeguarding Red River College Polytechnic’s most valuable asset: the information we use as part of our daily administrative and academic activities.

The Information Protection and Compliance area is responsible for planning and managing College‑wide activities that promote secure information technology systems, services, and programs, while providing support for leading‑edge technologies and new initiatives. This group serves as an advisor and liaison to campus IT providers and College officials regarding IT‑related matters. It also promotes network security awareness and assists departments with the design and implementation of information technologies.

Information Protection and Compliance is also responsible for campus education and awareness for security administrators. All users have a responsibility to maintain the security of the data and computer equipment on the College network.

Infrastructure Systems

Infrastructure Systems safeguards and maintains file, data, and application servers to support the academic and administrative computer needs of the College, which includes the following:

Networks and Communications

The Networks and Communications area is responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and administration of the College’s LAN and WAN networks to support the academic and administrative needs of the College. This includes internet services; inter‑campus connectivity; firewalls; VPN; wireless networking; VoIP telecommunications; voicemail; collaboration technologies; and local network services, which includes switching and routing.