Vehicle Technology and Research Centre

Located on the College’s Notre Dame Campus, this 60,000 square foot complex combines academic and industrial functions, with nine classrooms available for theoretical instruction, and a large shop area that replicates a typical work environment in the transportation and trucking industry.

LEED® Certified

The VTRC building has received certification from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). It includes several sustainable features that are uncommon for a large industrial building:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling: A groundwater loop system provides partial heating and cooling of the facility.
  • Natural heating: SolarWall systems collect the sun’s energy to preheat outdoor air before it ventilates classrooms.
  • Daylight views: More than 90% of regularly occupied spaces have direct views of the outdoors.
  • Native vegetation: Plants surrounding the building require little maintenance, are drought resistant, and help control storm water runoff.
  • Recycled and regional content: More than 25% of building materials have recycled content, and 35% of materials are from Manitoba, Saskatchewan or North Dakota.

Compared to a standard structure of the same size, VTRC’s efficient heating and cooling systems produce a 50% reduction in energy use, a 72% reduction in space heating, and a 54% reduction in operating costs. It has been certified as LEED® Silver.