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Recognition of Prior Learning Decisions Appeals

Recognition of Prior Learning (“RPL” refers to a set of processes that allow individuals to document, be assessed and gain recognition for their prior learning.  The focus is on the learning rather than where or how the learning occurred.  Knowledge, skills and abilities gained from life experiences may be formal, informal or non-formal.  RPL decisions are reached in accordance with College Policy A14 – Recognition of Prior Learning.

Grounds for Appeal

An appeal of an RPL decision is available where the student has reason to believe:

  1. There has been an incorrect administration of the RPL process;
  2. The assessment or the evaluation criteria do not measure the course learning outcomes; or
  3. The assessment criteria have been applied in an inconsistent or biased manner.

Initiating an Appeal

Prior to submitting a RPL Appeal, the Student must first attempt an informal resolution process by discussing the concern with the original decision-maker (usually the course Instructor or Program Coordinator).  The Student is required to discuss the matter with the Instructor or Program Coordinator who made the decision within 5 working days of notification of the decision.

If, following the discussion with the Instructor, the Student believes they have grounds for appeal, the Student may initiate an appeal to the applicable Academic Manager.  The Appeal must be in writing in the requisite form and must be submitted within 5 working days of the Student’s discussion of the matter with the original decision-maker.

Appeal Form

The Appeal must be made in writing in by filling out the applicable appeal form. Details provided by the Student must include but are not limited to:

  • The grounds for appeal (must fit within 1 of the 4 grounds noted in this Guide);
  • Evidence of the Student’s conversation with the Instructor about the RPL process and/or assessment, including the date of the conversation and copies of any correspondence related to the discussion and/or a summary of the conversation prepared by the Student;
  • Provision of any additional relevant documents;
  • The specific remedy sought by the Student.

The Appeal Form must be submitted within 5 working days of the student’s discussion with their instructor or decision-maker.


The appeal will thereafter be reviewed by the applicable Academic Manager in accordance with the Student Appeals Procedure.

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