Research Ethics Board (REB)


All Research Ethics Board meetings have been cancelled for the Academic year, ending June 30, 2020. The REB will meet virtually on an as-needed basis during the COVID Pandemic crisis. We recognize that COVID research may be the focus now as people seek to learn how staff and students are working and coping. The RRC REB must review any research with RRC staff or students.

Please submit your application to have Red River College staff or students invited to participate in research to You will find the link to the application below.

For inquiries or assistance with the process, please email Mike Krywy or Sheila Allarie


REB Application Form

Monthly Meeting Dates, 2019/2020

No meetings at this time. 

REB Policy

Research Ethics Board Membership

Member Position REB Status Expertise
Michael Krywy Manager, Institutional Analysis & Planning Chair Research
Donna Wilson Manager, Adult Learning Centre Member Research
Marti Ford Community Member Member Community Member
Carolyn Frost Corporate Counsel Member Corporate Counsel
Kim Mitchell Instructor, Nursing Member Research
Sheila Allarie Administrative Assistant / REB Administrator, Institutional Analysis & Planning REB Administrator


Example Consent Forms