Residence Fees

Application Fee

The $50 non-refundable application fee is used to process your application. The application fee is required for all new applications, but it is not required for a current Resident applying for the upcoming term, provided there is no break in dates.

The application fee is due within two business days of submitting your application. See Payment Options ›

Residence Deposit

The $350 Residence Deposit* is due five business days** from when room selection or offer is sent. See Payment Options ›

* The Residence Deposit is waived for RRC Polytech students that will be living in residence for less than 60 days.

** Sponsored students must contact the Campus Living Office prior to the payment deadline to make special arrangements.

Room Rates for Winter 2023

The Winter 2023 term runs from January 1 – April 29, 2023.

Long-Term Stays

Residence Fees are due in full before a student moves in. This deadline is for all students, including those waiting for external funding such as loans, sponsorship, and bursaries.

Note: Fees shown below are approximate, and are based on the standard residence terms dates. Each Resident’s fees are pro-rated to the exact number of days in the individual’s Residence contract. These fees do not include the $50 application fee or the $350 Residence deposit. Fees are subject to change. Set up charges and late fees may apply.

Room TypeFees
Single Room or room in Double Suite$2967.46
Premium Suite$3364.92

Short-Term Stays

Red River College Polytechnic offers short-term stays to those RRC Polytech students or visiting scholars requiring a room for 60 days or less.

Note: Students who book for four-month stays get priority over short-term stays. Residents enrolled in short-term programs must provide proof of program registration, plus start and end dates.

Red River College Polytechnic Students

Room and DurationFees
Any room type (Less than 31 days)$210/week + tax
Single Room or room in Double Suite (31-60 days)$949.72 – $1707.20
Premium Suite (31-60 days)$967.08 – $1740.80

* No Residence Deposit required for short-term RRC Polytech students.

Visiting Scholars

The following fees are for post-secondary students enrolled in a program outside of Red River College Polytechnic.

Room and DurationFees
Any room type (Less than 31 days)$210/week + tax
Single Room or room in Double Suite (31 days or longer)$949.72 – $3298.28
Premium Suite (31 days or longer)$967.08 – $3364.92

* Residence Deposit required for all Visiting Scholar students living in Residence.