Residence Fees

Application Fee

The $50 non-refundable application fee is used to process your application. The application fee is required for all new applications, but it is not required for a current Resident applying for the upcoming term  provided there is no break in dates.

The application fee is due within two business days of submitting your application. See Payment Options to find out how to pay.

Residence Deposit

The Residence deposit is due five business days from when room selection or offer is sent.

For more information, see Residence Deposits. See Payment Options to find out how to pay.

*Sponsored students must contact the Campus Living Office prior to the payment deadline to make special arrangements.

*Residence Deposit is waived for RRC students that will be living in residence for less than 60 days.

Fall 2020

August 27, 2020-December 19, 2020

Red River College Students living in Residence for 60 days or longer.

Fall Residence Fees are due in full by July 27, 2020 one month prior to the start of the Fall term. This deadline is for all students, including those waiting for external funding such as loans, sponsorship, and bursaries.

Late charges will be applied to unpaid accounts starting August 4th.

*Fees shown below are approximate, and are based on the full Fall term a length of 112 days. Residence fees for private single rooms, or a room in a shared double are the same. Each resident’s fees are pro-rated to the exact number of days in the individual’s residence contract. These fees do not include the $50 application fee or the $350 residence deposit. Fees are subject to change.

Residence fee Fall term                        $2621.70

Premium Suite Fall term                      $2975.90

Short Term Stays (shorter than 60 days)

Note: students who book for 4 month stays get priority over short term stays. Residents enrolled in short term programs must provide proof of program registration, start, and end dates.

Red River College Students

Room only, stays of less than 31 days     $210.00/week + tax

Room only, stays of 31-60 days                $838.65- $1589.00

Premium Suite, stays of 31 -60 days       $854.46 – $1619.60

  • No Residence deposit required

Visiting Scholars

Post-secondary Students enrolled in a program outside of RRC

Room only, stays of less than 31 days        $210.00/week + tax

Room only, stays of 31 days or longer        $838.65 – $2917.25

Premium Suite, stays of 31 days or longer  $854.46 – $2975.90

  • Residence deposit required for all Visiting Scholar students living in Residence.