Residence Deposits

During the application process, applicants are placed in a room (selected in lottery, or placed by Office Administration) and the applicant secures the room by paying the residence deposit.

After receiving the room offer, applicants must pay the $350 residence deposit by the deadline (normally within five days) to guarantee their placement.

IMPORTANT: Failure to pay the deposit on time will cancel your room and you will start the process again.

Once a student moves in, this deposit is held to cover the cost of any cleaning and repairs to the room. It is also held if a resident is evicted or elects to terminate their contract early. To ensure that the Residence deposit is refunded to you in full, you must leave the room in the same condition as specified on the check-in report when you moved in. See below for more information about receiving your refund when you move out of Residence.

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New Applicants

A room reservation may be cancelled with no penalty until one month before the standard move in date (see Important Dates for deadlines). After the cancellation deadline, if the deposit has been paid but the applicant does not move in or otherwise fails to complete a contract, the deposit will not be refunded.

NOTE: International students whose study permits are denied or any student not accepted into their academic program must provide official documentation in order to be considered for a Residence Deposit Refund with no penalty. Please contact the Campus Living Office for details and deadlines.

Continuing/Renewing Applicants

Applicants continuing from one term to another need to submit a new application through their eRezLife account.

A continuing or returning resident can carry their current deposit over after completing a new application or to reserve the accommodation for an upcoming term.

Residence Deposit Refund

Your residence deposit becomes refundable only after the completion of your residence contract and you have moved out. Provided the deposit has not been forfeited, it will be refunded less the costs of any required cleaning or repairing of the room during the contract period (in other words, you’ll receive whatever was not needed to return the room to the condition reported on the room condition report, unless you owe other fees to the College).

To ensure that the residence deposit is refunded to you in full, you must leave the room in the same condition as specified on the room condition report when you moved in.

Residence Deposit Refund Timeline

You will generally receive your refund one to two months after your check-out date (although the process can take up to three months in some cases).

Room Condition Report: Check out Inspection

We compare the condition of your room at the time of check-out to its condition on your check-in date. All damages or uncleanliness compared to the room’s original condition, will be charged to your account and taken out of your deposit. See Moving Out of Residence ›

Processing Your Refund

You must update your mailing address in WebAdvisor. No residence deposit refund will be issued to you if your address is still listed as “504 Main Street”.

The Campus Living Office staff will complete the paperwork associated with your refund. After the paperwork is complete, we submit your refund information to Financial Services. Your refund will be issued from their office.

Financial Services is also responsible for balancing your student account. Your residence deposit refund may be reduced by other outstanding debts, such as campus store charges, parking fees, library fines, etc. Students who fail to pay their accounts within the specified deadlines may have their registration cancelled. College services including marks, diploma/certificate, and future registrations will be withheld until all financial obligations to the College have been met in full.

Refunds will be processed in the same manner as the original payment method, however cash and debit payments refunds will be made by cheque or directly deposit to your bank account. To set up direct deposit complete the following steps

  1. Go to Payments and Profile in HUB
  2. Login to your account (if you can’t access your Payments and Profile account, submit a CaseLog or contact the office that you registered through)
  3. Enter your Canadian bank account information by following required set up instructions.
  4. Done! All refunds except credit cards will now be deposited into your bank account

Refunds of fees that have been paid with the proceeds of a government sponsored student loan or by a third party will be issued to the lender or third party.

When to Contact the Campus Living Office

If you have not received the residence deposit refund by mail after two months, contact the Campus Living Office. 

Early Terminations and Residence Deposit Forfeit

Residents who either complete an early contract termination or who are evicted have their deposit forfeited in full. The forfeiting of the residence deposit occurs in addition to the payment of an early termination fee as well as any other outstanding charges on the account at the time of check out. Submit an Request for Early Termination on your eRezLife account.