Moving Out of Residence

We hope that you enjoyed your stay at Red River College in the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute. We wish you all the best and hope that you leave our residence with fond memories. To make your move-out go as smoothly as possible, please read through the following items and ensure that you have done the tasks required to ensure that your unit is left in great condition so you can get as much of your residence deposit back as possible, as well as ensure that the Campus Living Office have the information and things they need to process your move-out efficiently and effectively.

Move-out Deadlines

You are required to move out of residence by noon on the last day of your contract.

For term move-out deadlines, see Important Dates.

When You Leave Your Unit

Return your unit to move-in condition: see below

  • Turn off the heat or air conditioning by moving the thermostat switch to the ‘off’ position
  • Clean out your fridge, microwave, cupboards, drawers, etc
  • Ensure  windows are closed and locked
  • Complete the move-out envelope and hand in your keys to Security or a Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Lock the door when you leave your unit for the final time

Your room will be inspected by Campus Living staff after you move out; you are not required to be present.


You are responsible for checking your mailbox before you leave and to arrange for your mail to be sent to your forwarding address. We will not hold mail, nor will we send it to you at your forwarding address. All mail will be returned to the sender.

Returning Your Unit to Move-In Condition

To maximize the return amount of your $350.00 Residence deposit we require your unit to be returned to move-in condition which means:

  • Your unit is clean as per your room inspection checklist (see Campus Living website for details or speak with your RA)
  • If you moved your furniture during your stay, please ensure that all items are returned to their original position. If you are unsure as to where items belong please contact the RAs or the Campus Living Office before you move out
  • Remove all belongings
  • Throw out any garbage/recycling in the designated bins in the basement and ensure your garbage and recycling bins are clean when you leave them
  • If you require someone’s opinion on how your unit looks or if you require a cleaning checklist for reference, please see the RAs or Campus Living Office
  • Charges may be placed on your residence account in the event of damage or vandalism; any regular damage consistent with routine wear-and-tear or damage noted on the ‘Check In’ portion of the unit condition report will not be charged

Move-Out Envelope

Every resident moving out will receive a move-out envelope. You are asked to fill out all sections required which will include your name, unit, and recommendation to update your forwarding address on WebAdvisor. Please include your Fob, mailbox key, and laundry card in the envelope.

  • Please hand in the envelope on or before your move-out date and time to the Campus Living office, a Resident Assistant, or to Security at the Front Desk of PGI

Residence Deposit

YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS in,WebAdvisor or in person at Student Services. No residence deposit refund will be issued to you if your address is still listed as “504 Main Street”.

You will generally receive your refund one to two months after your check-out date (although the process can take up to three months).

If your Residence deposit was originally paid by a cheque, cash, or debit there are two ways you could be reimbursed:

  1. Your reimbursement can be expedited as a direct deposit to your bank account please update forwarding address to receive your residence deposit refund if it was originally paid by cash, cheque, or online banking. You can update your forwarding address at any Student Services Center or on WebAdvisor.
  2. Your reimbursement can be sent as a cheque. please update forwarding address to receive your residence deposit refund if it was originally paid by cash, cheque, or online banking. You can update your forwarding address at any Student Services Center or on WebAdvisor

Tenant Reference

If you are moving to another housing situation that requires a tenant reference, our office is more than happy to provide one for you as long as we have your written consent. This gives our office permission to release information to future landlords that includes, but is not limited to, payment history, incident reports, conduct, and any items that pertain to the condition of the unit(s) that you inhabited during your stay with Campus Living (can include cleaning, damage/vandalism).