Applying for Residence

We are currently accepting applications and have space available for the following term(s):

  •  Winter 2021 (January 2 -May 1)

The Residence admissions process takes up to two weeks from application date to move-in date. If no rooms are available at the time you submit your application, you will be placed on a wait list until and notified when room becomes available.

How to Apply for Residence.

1. Activate your eRezLife account.  (Residence Software)

If you are attending Red River College and already have your credentials to sign into the HUB, use your same email and password to access eRezLife. Login here by selecting sign in with your school account and follow prompts.

If you are attending another Post-Secondary Institution or you do not have your Red River College credentials login here, select create account and follow prompts.

*Note: When creating a new account put your email address in the Student ID field

2.  Submit Your Application on eRezLife

After you have successfully logged into your eRezLife account review Recommended Actions on the home page, update your profile, and apply for Residence. Make sure you follow all steps to complete your application.

 Login regularly to familiarize yourself with the features of eRezLife, review tabs on the left hand side, check the calendar for important dates, and look for resources relevant to your stay.

Once your application has been received by Campus Living you will be contacted by email with information regarding paying your application fee & next steps.

NOTE: Please add the email addresses from the Contact Us page to your email safe list. It is essential that you check your email, including your Junk/Spam folder, to ensure Campus Living Office communications reach you.

Your non-refundable $50 application fee can be paid on WebAdvisor in-person, or on the phone.

See our Payment Options.

How do I cancel my application? If you have created an application but want to cancel it, you may do so through your eRezLife account. If you have trouble contact the Campus Living Office.

2. Selecting a Room

As of September 2020: The Room Lottery process has been temporarily suspended and room selection will be done by the Campus Living Office. Rooms will be assigned based on the room preferences selected on the application.

After your application fee payment is received, you will ne notified of the room assignment process. Full term applicants will enter the room selection lottery, a system that allows applicants to choose their room for the upcoming term. Any applicant with non-standard dates will be assigned a room by Campus Living based on preference and availability at the time of their application.

You will receive a designated time slot to select your room.  All rooms are first come first serve, we recommend you login and select your room at the start of your time slot.

You will be able to view available rooms and mark favorites prior to room selection. Check often to see what options there are!

After selecting your room you must pay the $350 residence deposit by the deadline (normally within 5 days of room selection) to guarantee your placement. Failure to pay the deposit on time will cancel your room selection and you will start the process again.

3. Pay Your Residence Deposit

New Applicants

A room reservation may be cancelled with no penalty until one month before the standard move in date, see Important Dates  for deadlines. After the cancellation deadline if the deposit has been paid but the applicant does not move in or otherwise fails to complete a contract, the deposit will not be refunded.

*International students whose Study Permits are denied or any student not accepted into their academic program must provide official documentation in order to be considered for a Residence Deposit Refund with no penalty. Please email or call the Campus Living Office for details and deadlines.

See Payment Options.

To ensure that the Residence deposit is refunded to you in full, you must leave the room in the same condition as specified on the check-in report when you moved in. See Residence Deposit Refunds for more information about receiving your refund when you move out of Residence.

Continuing/Renewing Applicants

If you are continuing from one term to another, you need to submit a new application through your eRezLife account.

A continuing or returning Resident can carry their current deposit over after completing a new application or to reserve the Accommodation for an upcoming term.

4. Pay Your Room Fees

Residence fees are due in full before you begin the school term. See the Residence Fees.

Upon moving into Residence, you must sign the Residence Contract before the deadline specified by the Campus Living Office.

5. Purchase Tenant Insurance

All residents are encouraged to purchase insurance. Read more about Tenant Insurance.