Residence Contract

The Residence Contract specifies the terms and conditions of your agreement with the Campus Living Office.

By signing , you agree to abide by the Rules of Residence Living for RRC Residence.

Your Residence Contract

In order to receive access to your suite, you must first sign the Residence Contract and return it to any Campus Living staff.

Download the Residence Contract

Term of Your Residence Contract

Normally, a residence contract is for the complete term you applied for.

Renewing Your Residence Contract

Each term, prior to the date that the next term’s residence applications open, Campus Living will send a reminder to all current Residents to renew their contracts.

The Campus Living Office reserves the right to reject contracts that have been submitted after the deadline, or from students who are not in good standing.

Ending Your Residence Contract Early

If you decide for any reason that you no longer wish to live in residence, you may apply for an Early Termination up to two months after the start date of the terms standard dates.

To terminate your contract early, you must:

  • Submit a Contract Termination request prior to the withdrawal deadline
  • Pay your residence fees for the time you stayed in residence
  • Give up your Residence deposit of $350
  • Pay an early termination fee of $350