Residence Contract

The Residence Contract specifies the terms and conditions of your agreement with the Campus Living Office.

By signing, you agree to abide by the Rules of Residence Living for RRC Polytech Residence.

Your Residence Contract

In order to receive access to your suite, you must first fill in and submit your Residence Contract. Information will be found in your room offer email.

Residence Contract Dates

Contract Dates apply to all rooms. Contract Dates are determined by matching each individual Resident’s requested dates with his/her academic program timeline. A Student may live in Residence for all or part of the academic program but may not extend his/her Contract past the academic program end date unless approved by the Manager of Campus Living. Any changes to Contract lengths must be approved by Campus Living management. In disputes between the Resident and Campus Living regarding Contract Dates, authority will be granted to the Contract Dates specified on the Resident’s booking in the Campus Living database known as eRezLife.

Appling for a New Term (Extending Residence Contract)

Applications must be completed for every the term. A non-refundable application Fee of $50 is required to complete a Residence application for all new Residents, but it not required to extend a Contract for the upcoming term provided there is no break in dates. If a Resident moves out of Residence and applies to come back the application Fee will be charged.

Suites are allocated only after the correct application is completed and the application Fee of $50 is paid for new Applicants or the Contract is extended for the upcoming term. Applications must be completed a minimum of two weeks prior to the Residence Contract start date.

Ending Your Residence Contract Early

If you decide for any reason that you no longer wish to live in residence, you may apply for an Early Termination up to two months after the start date of the terms standard dates. Refer to Section 1.16 of the Residence Handbook.