Rapid Skills for Success

RRC Polytech’s Micro-training provides rapid training for career-focused individuals and employers looking for their teams to acquire proficiency in a specific skill or competency, allowing to remain competitive in today’s environment.

The main advantages of Micro-training include having been developed based on the needs of industry and the speed with which it can be acquired.

Get the skills you need fast, with Micro-training from RRC Polytech:


Micro-credentials are shareable endorsements of knowledge, skills or competencies gained through the completion of a course or module or demonstration of understanding.

RRC Polytech offers online micro-credential courses that align with some of the most desired skills sought by employers, leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Micro-credentials are awarded as digital badges, allowing employers to see immediate qualifications for the specific skills that they are seeking.

Training in the clean energy sector

Tuition-free, fully funded micro-credential courses allow you to quickly gain specific skills that prepare you for success as an increasing number of industry sectors shift to more sustainable practices.

Seminars and Workshops

In-person and online seminars and workshops quickly provide key skills for leading and communicating within teams. They also prepare you to better handle situations at work and further your professional development.

Taught by RRC Polytech’s field-experienced subject matter experts, seminars and workshops often include team activities that provide opportunities for collaboration.

Enhance your skills to deal effectively with a wide range of work-related, organizational and daily living situations.

Customized Training

Work with our subject matter experts and instructional designers to develop a customized training solution that perfectly fits your organization’s needs. Once they are developed, we can provide industry-experienced instructors to deliver your customized training solution in-person, online or using a blended model.

Partner with RRC Polytech to design and implement custom-fit solutions for your organization.