Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking for SMD Parking Permit Holders

The Manitoba Parking Permit Program is a program regulated by Manitoba Infrastructure and Technology and administered by the Society of Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD). The Program ensures that when a person has difficulty walking more than 50 metres, they can park in one of the specially designated parking spots in lots across the province.

Anyone who needs the permanent, full-time assistance of a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, walker, cane, or crutches is eligible for a Parking Permit. Temporary Permits are also available to allow you to use designated spaces during your recovery period (as certified by your health care professional).

People are eligible for the Permit through this program even if they don’t own a vehicle. The numbered Permit can be hung in the rear view mirror of any car as long as the registered Permit holder is also in the car.

Red River College accessible parking spots are available at the following campuses:

  • Notre Dame Campus
  • Portage Campus
  • Stevenson – Southport
  • Stevenson – Winnipeg
  • Winkler Campus

For staff and/or students who are current SMD Parking Permit holders and who wish to apply for Accessible Parking, the College will require a letter of endorsement from SMD that confirms:

  • the name of the permit holder, and
  • the expiry date of the permit.

All such letters must be submitted to Parking Services for processing.

Accessible Parking for Temporary Accommodation

Staff and/or students who have certain temporary or transient health conditions may be eligible for accessible parking on a temporary basis.

For example, accessible parking for staff and/or students may be available on a temporary basis if the following situations or conditions apply:

  • cannot walk without someone’s help, or other device,
  • need to temporarily use a wheelchair during treatment of or recovery from a medical condition,
  • have certain lung or heart conditions,
  • have another health condition that makes walking more than 50 meters very difficult

To apply for Accessible Parking for Temporary Accommodation, staff and/or students are to have their regular treating physician and/or specialist complete the Request for Temporary Accommodation – Accessible Parking Application Form.

Activities Related to Accessible Parking

Payment Designation

Employees: upon receiving confirmation of eligibility and assignment of accessible parking from Parking Services – the parking fee will be deducted bi-weekly through Direct Payroll Withdrawal. Failure to do so will result in the application being incomplete and the permit not being issued.

Students: payment can be made by cheque or money order or in person by cash, credit card or debit. Cheques and money orders are to be made payable to: Red River College. Payment must be included with this application

Visitors: payment can be made to the parking commissioner or by using the parking ticket dispenser (pay boxes) located in the parking lots.

Additional License Plates / Carpools

All RRC Accessible Permits will be issued as in the same fashion as all other RRC parking permits, but will include an additional identifier, which confirms the holder’s accessible parking permit status.  The College’s Standard Parking Permit, in conjunction with the vehicles license plate and the SMD Parking Permit will serve as the permit for assigned accessible permit parking spaces. The applicant must ensure that the license plate associated with the virtual permit is registered with Parking Services and is displayed on the vehicle.

To edit or update the license plate associated with the parking permit, Parking Services must be notified via email or in person at the Parking Services office at D100-2055 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg, MB.

Failure to do so may result in the ticketing and/or towing of your vehicle or such other action as the College may deem necessary.