Purchasing Student Parking Online

Follow this step-by-step guide for purchasing student parking online.

  • Login to your account by selecting the appropriate Customer Authentication
  • If you require Accessible Parking, click the link below and follow the directions to complete the form
  • Click NEXT
  • Select your preferred permit by clicking the corresponding circle on the left.
  • Check all three boxes and click NEXT
  • You may register up to four vehicles. If your preferred vehicle is not registered, click ADD VEHICLE to register it.
  • Select the VEHICLE and click NEXT
  • Review your purchase by clicking on VIEW DETAILS and make sure you have purchased your preferred permit.
  • If you have selected the wrong permit, click REMOVE and start the process from the beginning.
  • If you are happy with your selection, select your method of payment.
  • Enter your preferred email address.
  • Click PAY NOW.

Additional Information

  • An electronic receipt will be sent to the entered email address.
  • Your permit is virtual (there is no hang tag to display) which is why it is important to make sure that the license plates entered are correct.
  • All parking is available on a scramble basis.
  • To see the interactive map showing the open/closed lots, view our campus map. Click on the lot name (South, 2N, East, 1W, etc.) to view the lot designation.

Please contact parking@rrc.ca with any questions you may have.