Citations and Appeals

Parking Infractions

The College can cancel a parking permit at anytime if the permit holder does not pay a required fee or fine; comply with parking regulations; transfers, sells or assigns the permit; or if the College determines the holder’s parking area is required for College purposes. (If alternative parking cannot be provided, the College will refund the unused portion of the permit.)

Students and staff who receive College parking tickets must comply with the conditions indicated on the ticket. Failure to pay any parking-related fine could result in the cancellation of parking privileges. Additionally for students, it could also result in the withholding of transcripts, diplomas or certificates until the amount due has been received by the College. Unsettled accounts will be turned over to an authorized collection agency for resolution.

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Citation Appeal Process

If you feel you have been issued a citation unjustly, you may appeal by following the process listed below within 15 calendar days of the date of issue.

Appeal Process

  1. The ticket to be appealed must be paid prior to submitting an appeal.
  2. Login to our online parking system
  3. Submit your appeal. Commuting and Parking will review your appeal and contact you via email with a decision.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the appeal decision, you may re-appeal. The appeal board will review your re-appeal and render a decision.

If your appeal/re-appeal are successful, we will cancel the ticket and refund the ticket fee back to you.

IMPORTANT: All decisions of the Panel are final.