RRC’s Ten Thousand Coffees

Work your network

We are all facing new ways of living, working, and learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this challenging time, it’s more important than ever before to stay connected – even though we can’t be together in person, we can build our networks online!

By joining Red River College Café, powered by Ten Thousand Coffees, you will develop essential skills by mentoring students and have the opportunity to be mentored by more experienced alumni from the Red River College community. This online platform is free to use and is a perfect fit for our new digital-first reality.

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Having a diverse network will:

  • Accelerate your career
  • Help you tap into the smart thinking of peers locally and globally
  • Connect you to the Red River College community

Take an hour every 1-3 months to meet someone new from the Red River College community. Learn, share, answer questions, and make your network work for you.

Safe Networking Tips

While we may not have the opportunity to meet in-person right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s always a great idea to put safety first whenever you meet someone you don’t know for the first time, whether online or in-person. Remember not to give out any personal information you don’t want made public – the great thing about Ten Thousand Coffees is that you can communicate directly through the platform without having to give away your phone number or email address until you are comfortable with doing so.

When meeting in-person for the first time, practicing the following common-sense precautions will help ensure a positive experience when you connect through Ten Thousand Coffees:

  • Meet in a well-lit public place, such as a coffee shop or on one of our campuses.
  • Don’t give out personal information over the Internet, including your home address or banking information (e.g. social insurance number, bank account number).
  • Tell a colleague, friend or family member the details of your meeting beforehand: who you’re meeting, when and where the meeting will take place, and what time you expect to return.
  • Stick to well-lit areas and main roads when navigating to and from your meeting.
  • Carry a mobile phone with you in case of emergencies.

Red River College is not responsible for interactions that take place outside the Ten Thousand Coffees online system. Please report any suspicious or inappropriate behaviour immediately to info@tenthousandcoffees.com.