Graduate or Alumni Member: What’s the Difference?

RRC Graduate (“grads”)

Any individual who has graduated with a credential (i.e., has convocated) from a Red River College program (and whose status is in good standing with the College). This would include Apprenticeship graduates as of 2013. All graduates are confirmed by the Office of the Registrar.

RRC Alumni Member (“alumni”)

In addition to those individuals included in the first two categories, this wider definition also includes those who have taken and successfully completed at least one course, session, or semester toward a program (either in person, part-time, online, etc.) taught at/via Red River College. Note: this includes Apprenticeship Manitoba students prior to 2013.

Honorary RRC Alum

Any individual who receives an honorary degree or diploma from Red River College solely as a result of their significant, positive accomplishments and contributions to our community.

NOTE: The accepted singular forms of alumni are alumna (female) or alumnus (male), and the accepted plural forms are alumni (for multiple males, or a group of both males and females) or alumnae (for multiple females). In order to eliminate gendered qualifiers and establish modern, inclusive language, we will refer to an individual as an “alumni member” or “alum,” and the group as a whole as “alumni.”