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F5 – Commercial Partnerships

Originator: VP, Partnership, Training & Development
Approver: President’s Council
Effective: November 27, 2001
Replaces: New

RRC Polytech enjoys a positive longstanding relationship with its community. As Manitoba’s premiere provider of applied learning, RRC Polytech plays a critical role in the economic and social development of the Province. Currency, relevance and responsiveness of programming are assured through the College’s interaction with its many stakeholders. Advisory Committees, co-op education and work experience, in-industry staff development, curriculum development, shared human and material resources are but a few ways in which the College partners with business, industry, public institutions and the voluntary sector.

It is the College’s intention to broaden and deepen the partnerships that it undertakes as well as to increase the number of organizations with which the College works.

It is the responsibility of public institutions to take the special care required of organizations entrusted with public funds. An important part of this responsibility is ensuring that there are efficient and effective management and control practices in place. 1

The College will utilize public monies and resources with transparency, due diligence and an appreciation of the accountability that the College and government have to the community. The College will ensure that all partners also have an appreciation of this public accountability.

College Principles and Values Guiding Commercial Partnership Development

  1. Partnerships will benefit students and the learning enterprise.
  2. Partnerships will enhance the quality and relevance of education and training.
  3. Care will be taken to ensure that partnerships do not exploit students and employees.
  4. Partnerships that include local suppliers are recognized as important in building sustainable industries within the Province.
  5. An assessment of a partnership will combine technical excellence and an overall cost benefit.
  6. Partners’ values and College values will be congruent.
  7. The responsibilities of each partner will be clearly delineated.
  8. Each partnership agreement will be for a specified period of time.
  9. Performance milestones will be established to ensure the continuous evaluation of the performance of the partnership.
  10. All partnerships will comply with the requirements of the Internal Trade Agreement.

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1 “Reflections of the Provincial Auditor”, Provincial Auditor’s Report September 2001

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