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G2 – Meals, Travel and Entertainment

Approver: President and CEO
Policy Owner: Vice-President, Finance and Administration
Date Approved: June 21, 2021
Replaces: June 17, 2015
Next Review Date: June 21, 2026

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1.0 Purpose


RRC Polytech has a responsibility to ensure that funds entrusted to it are managed responsibly and subject to appropriate control procedures.


RRC Polytech will pay all reasonable Expenses employees incur while traveling or attending functions on College business or while incurring expenditures on College business. The College seeks to achieve the best value for all expenditures covered by this Policy while also balancing the health and well-being of College staff. To that end, this Policy and any Procedures associated with this Policy provide fair and reasonable rules to govern the reimbursement of expenditures incurred by employees while carrying out business on behalf of the College.

2.0 Definitions


“Approving Authority” means:

  1. The manager of the budget center to be charged; or
  2. In the case of budget center managers, the person they report to.


“College Business” means business and activities supporting the mandate or activities of the College.


“Communications Expenses” means expenses incurred by an employee related to telecommunications, for example the cost of overage charges for business related calls.


“Corporate Costs” mean general administration costs relating to the administration of the College including planning, organizing, directing and controlling the College including institutional expenses of the College or any given department or academic unit.


“Expense” means any out of pocket costs related to travel, hospitality, communications or other business expenditures incurred on College business by a College employee and or reimbursed to a College employee but does not include Corporate Costs.


“Hospitality” means the provision of food and beverages, social or recreational activities, events and functions and gifts in support of the educational, research or service activities of the College. Hospitality normally involves:

  1. the hosting of an external individual or group (e.g. prospective faculty, staff or student, business or academic partner, benefactor). Spouses/partners of College employees are normally not considered external guests; or
  2. employee only activities such as work meetings or social functions.


“Travel Expenses” mean expenditures incurred by a College employee to travel on College business occurring off of the College’s campuses or their primary place of work.

3.0 Application


This Policy applies to all employees of the College subject to the Board Policy and Procedures on Presidential Expenses, and covers all travel, meal, hospitality, entertainment and incidental expenditures incurred by staff in the course of their College employment. Only expenditures directly related to College business will be reimbursed.

4.0 Principles for Reimbursement of Expenses


Employees will keep expenditures at a minimum using the most economical and reasonable options. Expenses incurred must be time and cost effective relative to available alternatives and expected benefits.


Only expenditures incurred on behalf of College business are reimbursable under this Policy and any additional personal costs an employee incurs while on business related travel shall be the sole responsibility of the employee.


An employee’s failure to keep accurate records, original receipts or to complete required claim forms may result in the College’s refusal to reimburse Expenses claimed. The College has no obligation to reimburse expenditures that are not in compliance with this Policy.


The number of employees attending the same meeting or professional development activity should be kept to a minimum in keeping with the business purpose of the meeting or activity.


College corporate credit cards are not for personal use. No personal charges may be paid by using a corporate card and the use of a corporate credit card for personal expenses is considered serious misconduct and will not be reimbursed.

5.0 Approvals


Expenses will be approved by the Approving Authority in accordance with this Policy and the associated Procedures. Where the budget center to be charged for an Expense is not the employee’s department, both the Approving Authority and the employee’s supervisor must approve the Expense.


Where reasonably practicable, any changes to authorized expenditures must also be approved by the Approving Authority. Reasons for the change must be noted in writing.

6.0 Responsibilities


The College is responsible for reimbursing Expenses properly incurred and claimed by employees in accordance with this Policy and associated Procedures.


The Vice-President, Finance and Administration is responsible for approving and maintaining associated Procedures related to this Policy including but not limited to the Meals, Travel and Entertainment Expense Procedures.


The Approving Authority is responsible for determining whether to approve Expenses submitted within their budget center. In determining whether to grant any approval, the Approving Authority must assess whether the expenditure is for a legitimate College purpose, will benefit the College in a demonstrable way, is a reasonable priority for the College, is an efficient use of College resources, and is otherwise compliant with this Policy and associated Procedures.


Employees are responsible for ensuring that their expense claims are:

  1. accurate;
  2. documented and in accordance with this Policy and associated Procedures including, without limitation by completing such reimbursement forms as the Finance and Administration department stipulates or as may be set out in the Procedures; and
  3. submitted in a timely way and within 6 months of incurring the expense. Reimbursement requested more than six months past the date incurred may not be approved.

7.0 Compliance with Policy


Violating this Policy or associated Procedures or otherwise failing to comply with the College’s expense claim process may result in discipline, up to and including termination.

8.0 Review Period


This Policy will be reviewed within five years of the date of approval.

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