P1 – Principles of Conduct Statement

Originator: Vice President – Finance and Administration
Approver: President’s Council
Effective: May 11, 2010
Replaces: New

1. Preamble

As an institute of higher education, Red River College Polytechnic has an obligation to be a leader in teaching the skills and knowledge students will need to engage in their chosen professions in an ethical manner.

Red River College Polytechnic depends on public financial support as a primary source of funding. We are, therefore, stewards of the public trust. The College further relies on support of private individuals and institutions. Unethical behaviour reduces public confidence in the integrity of our institution. Even the appearance of impropriety is damaging.

Therefore, it is the commitment of Red River College Polytechnic that all corporate action will provide a model not only of legal compliance but also of sound ethical conduct.

The College Statement of Values emphasizes the importance of integrity. “We maintain at all times the highest level of honesty, communication, cooperation and credibility in relationships and fulfilling our commitments, including managing the resources entrusted to us.”

It is significant that in addition to their responsibilities as College employees, administrative and instructional staff may also come under the authority of the standards of practice of their professional affiliation and regulatory bodies. College administrative and instructional staff will display the high ethical standards that will be expected of students when they enter the workplace.

2. Policy

Red River College Polytechnic is committed to ethical behaviour.

The following suite of Policies seeks to provide guidance to recognize ethical behaviour, processes for disclosure and reporting of Conflict, and information on the consequences of unethical actions. This includes:

P1 – Principles of Conduct Statement
P2 – Public Interest Disclosure – Whistleblower Protection
P3 – Conflict of Interest
P4 – Conflict of Commitment
P5 – Ethical Behaviour
P6 – Disclosure, Consequences, and Responsibilities