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E1 – Safety

Approver: President and CEO
Policy Owner: Chief Human Resources Officer
Date Approved: June 18, 2024
Replaces: E1 Safety Policy – March 10, 2010

1. Purpose


Red River College Polytechnic recognizes the importance of a strong, proactive workplace safety and health culture and recognizes that safety in the workplace and learning environment is the responsibility of both RRC Polytech and all members of the College Community.


The aim of this Policy is to set out the expectations and obligations of all members of the College Community that will ensure the safety of staff, students and visitors to RRC Polytech and to ensure that RRC Polytech complies with all Federal and Provincial health and safety legislation. RRC Polytech will aim, where possible, to exceed minimum standards set by law.

2. Application


This Policy applies to all members of the College Community.

3. Policy


All members of the College Community will support safety at RRC Polytech. Everyone is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution in all activities that occur at RRC Polytech, including complying with safety rules and obligations established under this Policy and any associated Procedures or Codes of Practice or Safe Work Procedure established for a given task.


RRC Polytech will establish and maintain a safe and healthy work and learning environment and promote a culture of safety that proactively ensures the safety, health, and welfare of workers, students, and visitors.


RRC Polytech will comply with all applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal Legislation, Regulations and Codes of Practice concerning safety and health, including but not limited to:

  1. maintaining a Workplace, Safety and Health Program that fulfills the requirements outlined in TheWorkplace, Safety and Health Act and Regulation;
  2. maintaining a Workplace Safety and Health Committee and supporting its operations as may be required and as set out in the Workplace Safety and Health Committee Rules of Procedure.


Safety and health considerations will be incorporated into all RRC Polytech’s activities.


Codes of Practice and Safe Work Procedures established under this Policy may address specific safety-related issues. Everyone must be aware of and comply with the Codes of Practice and Safe Work Procedures applicable to RRC Polytech activity in which they are participating.


Any workplace incident that results in injury (regardless of severity), property/equipment damage, or that could have resulted in injury must be reported by employees to their supervisor at the first available opportunity in accordance with the relevant Code of Practice.


RRC Polytech has the right to manage activities and spaces to ensure safety which includes the ability to take interim measures during a safety related incident or circumstance to protect members of the College Community.

4. Responsibilities


RRC Polytech’s Senior Leadership shall provide the support and organizational leadership necessary to implement this Policy.


The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for ensuring the development of appropriate Procedures and Codes of Practice and approving them under this Policy.


The Safety, Health and Security Services Department will have the responsibility to:

  1. ensure compliance with this Policy, associated Procedures and Codes of Practice;
  2. develop and implement the RRC Polytech Workplace Safety and Health Program in collaboration with Departments and Programs; and
  3. provide support across RRC Polytech Campuses to ensure that effective safety programs and safety committees are maintained.


Supervisors shall have the responsibility to:

  1. provide the necessary support to implement this Policy and promote a culture of safety within their areas of responsibility;
  2. communicate and enforce health and safety requirements within their areas of responsibility;
  3. ensure that all incidents, accidents, injuries and hazards are reported to Safety, Health and Security Services.


Instructors shall have the responsibility to:

  1. enforce, train and monitor students on safety and health policies and procedures;
  2. inspect their areas to identify hazards and recommend appropriate controls;
  3. report all accidents, incidents, injuries and hazards to the Chair and ensure students/visitors receive appropriate medical attention through the Health Centre.


Workers shall have the responsibility to:

  1. take reasonable care to protect their safety and health and the safety and health of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work;
  2. use the required safety devices and personal protective equipment as required and instructed;
  3. attend all necessary safety and health training;
  4. report all accidents, incidents, injuries, and hazards to their supervisor.


All members of the College Community share the responsibility for safety and health at RRC Polytech and shall:

  1. comply with all policies, procedures, Code of Practice, rules and instructions related to health and safety;
  2. report any hazardous conditions, injury, accident or illness related to the workplace to the supervisor or Safety, Health and Security Services.


The Workplace Safety and Health Committee is responsible for:

  1. reviewing safety and health concerns and making recommendations to RRC Polytech;
  2. promoting safety and health awareness, as well as developing safety and health education and training programs;
  3. conducting regular workplace inspections;
  4. conducting safety and health investigations as required by law;
  5. performing other duties as specified under The Workplace Safety and Health Act and associated Regulations.

5. Breach


Failure to comply with this policy or other safety-related policies, procedures or Codes of Practice may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion.


In the event of any alleged breach of this Policy or its associated Procedures, RRC Polytech may take immediate and necessary interim measures to ensure the safety and health of workers, students, and visitors before investigating the alleged breach. Such interim measures do not determine the validity of the allegation.

6. Definitions


“Code of Practice” means a set of written procedures that provides directions to ensure the health and safety of workers. For the purpose of Policy G1, Policies Development Framework, a Code of Practice is equivalent to a Procedure. It is understood that the term “Code of Practice” is used to be consistent with terminology used by the regulator, Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health.


“College Community” includes:

  1. Current RRC Polytech employees, students and alumni;
  2. Prospective RRC Polytech students, applicants, and their representatives;
  3. The RRC Polytech Students’ Association and its employees;
  4. Members of the RRC Polytech Board of Governors;
  5. Representatives of RRC Polytech partners and agents;
  6. Visitors to RRC Polytech;
  7. Tenants of RRC Polytech;
  8. Persons living in a RRC Polytech residence;
  9. Independent contractors engaged to perform services by RRC Polytech on RRC Polytech property;
  10. All others present in, or participating in the RRC Polytech workplace or learning environment or participating in RRC Polytech business.


“Regulation” means The Workplace Safety and Health Regulation, M.R. 217/2006


“The Workplace Safety and Health Act” means The Workplace Safety and Health Act, CCSM c W210


“Safe Work Procedure” means a written step-by-step process of how to perform a task in a way that eliminates or controls hazards which may be developed when a particular action or task is identified as potentially hazardous to a member of the College Community or the public.


“Supervisor” means a person who is in charge of a workplace or has authority over a worker, including Deans, Chairs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Instructors, and Faculty.


“Worker” means any person who is in an employment relationship with RRC Polytech and includes:

  1. Any person who is employed by RRc Polytech to perform a service, whether for gain or reward or not;
  2. Volunteers; and
  3. Students.


“Workplace Safety and Health Committee” means an established group consisting of both management and worker representation committed to improving safety and health conditions and acting as a resource among the Red River College Polytechnic community.

7. Review Period


This Policy will be reviewed and updated as required within five years of its approval date.

8. Related Documents

  1. The Workplace Safety and Health Act C.C.S.M c W210
  2. Workplace Safety and Health Regulation MB. Reg 217/2006
  3. Safety, Health and Security Services Codes of Practice
  4. Safe Work Procedures

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