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U2 – Space Use

Originator: Director – Design Planning and Construction
Approver: President’s Council
Effective: December 16, 2008
Replaces: New

1. Preamble

Space is a limited College resource which must be allocated in a responsible manner based on current requirements. While it is recognized that instruction is the primary focus of the institution, there is need to balance instructional and non-instructional space considerations in order to maintain a healthy campus environment.

2. Policy

Every effort will be made to keep space available to be timetabled by the College Timetabler with as little restriction as possible.

3. Definitions


General Instructional space – classrooms, desk top computer labs, laptop rooms and lecture theatres that are configured to permit a broad variety of instructional activities.


Sole Purpose space – instructional space that contains fixed equipment of such a nature that alternate use of the room would be impractical and may present safety hazards.


Priority Use space – space that a School is allowed priority to occupy. Space may be declared Priority Use when it can be demonstrated that this accommodation would appreciably enhance student success. When the space is not in use for its priority purpose, it will be available to be timetabled.

4. Procedures


General Instructional space will be timetabled according to the procedures of the office of the College Timetabler.


All requests for Sole Purpose or Priority Use designation must be directed to Design Planning and Construction.


Room contents will not necessarily cause a room to be designated as Sole Purpose use. It may be determined that safe, secure storage of materials will permit the use of the room as a General Instructional space. Such rooms will not be restricted from being timetabled.


Departmental funding for room renovations or equipment acquisitions will not be considered justification for restricting the timetabling of a space.


Decisions regarding Sole Purpose or Priority Use may be appealed through a consultative process with the Associate Vice President, Facilities and Campus Services, the Vice President of the requesting division and the Chair of the Senior Academic Committee.

Modifications to College Space


Requests for modifications required to College space must be submitted to and authorized by Design Planning and Construction.


If approved, these modifications will be designed and implemented by staff of the Design Planning and Construction department and their contractors.


Modifications made outside of the work order request system may be removed and the space returned to its previous condition.

Office Space


To facilitate effective re-assignment of office space, Managers will inform Design Planning and Construction of impending staff changes such as retirements, layoffs, new hires and others when appropriate to do so.


In the distribution of office space, full-time staff will be given priority over part-time, the latter sharing office space if necessary. Additionally, except in the most unusual circumstances, staff will not be assigned more than one office.

5. Responsibilities


A Vice President and the Associate Vice President, Facilities and Campus Services have the responsibility to hear appeals of decisions regarding Sole Purpose and Priority Use of space.


Design Planning and Construction has the responsibility to consider requests for Sole Purpose and Priority Use as well as room modifications. The Director will communicate in advance with the division or department affected of the intention to make changes in space use. A space may be closed, temporarily or permanently, when the use of the area is changing.

Design Planning and Construction is also responsible to specify the maximum occupancy of each instructional space.


Building Systems and Maintenance is responsible to maintain accurate and complete room description data in the College ERP system.


Managers are responsible to advise Design Planning and Construction of potential changes in use of office space.


The College Timetabler is responsible to notify departments who may have classes in an area that must be closed. The College Timetabler will find suitable alternate space for the instructional activity in the area.

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