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C4 – Brand and Visual Identity

Originator: Director, Marketing and Web Presence
Approver: President’s Council
Effective: May 13, 2014
Replaces: March 14, 2006 – C4 Logo Usage and Subset Identifiers

1. Preamble

RRC Polytech is an established brand. This policy is designed to ensure all College communications support the established brand.

It is understood that RRC Polytech is a large, complex institution with multiple departments, some of which have distinct marketing and communications needs. However, departmental needs should not supersede those of the College as a whole. In addition, the promotion of special projects must not come at the expense of the College’s brand. Rather, the College brand should be leveraged consistently by all RRC Polytech divisions and departments.

2. Policy

All College communications shall correctly and consistently apply RRC Polytech brand and visual identity standards. These brand and visual identity standards are set forth in the RRC Polytech Brand Book.

Application of the RRC Polytech brand and visual identity includes all College communications and representations, including but not limited to:

  • printed material (e.g. letterhead, business cards, invitations, etc.);
  • electronic material (e.g. Web pages, RRC Polytech owned or 3rd party applications, email signatures, etc.);
  • promotional items;
  • signage (e.g. posters, directional signage, notices, etc.);
  • advertising;
  • event marketing; and
  • any other form of College communication targeted to an internal or external audience.

3. Procedures

The RRC Polytech Brand Book shall be established by the College Advancement Division, as approved by the College’s Executive Committee. It shall govern all standards with respect to the College brand and visual identity. The RRC Polytech Brand Book may be amended by the College Advancement Division from time to time, with approval of the College Executive Committee.

The RRC Polytech Brand Book shall be made available to the College Community by the Advancement Division through an electronic portal or web site, and by request to the Director, Marketing and Web Presence or designate.

Use of the RRC Polytech brand and visual identity by any employee or agent of the College shall be in accordance with the RRC Polytech Brand Book. For greater certainty, this includes (but is not limited to):

  • Branding messaging
  • Logomark and RRC Polytech Seal
  • Subset Identifiers
  • Typography and Colour Palette
  • Photos and Imagery
  • Web Presence (including social media)
  • Writing style

If a College Division, Department, employee or agent is using the College brand or visual identity other than as prescribed by the RRC Polytech Brand Book, the Director, Marketing and Web Presence or designate should be immediately contacted, and a conforming use of the brand or visual identity shall be developed and implemented.

Questions or advice with respect to any use of the College brand should be directed in a timely manner to the Director, Marketing and Web Presence or designate.

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We recognize and honour Treaty 3 Territory Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, the source of Winnipeg’s clean drinking water. In addition, we acknowledge Treaty Territories which provide us with access to electricity we use in both our personal and professional lives.

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