H6 – Vacation Carryover

Originator: Human Resource Services
Approver: President’s Council
Effective: January 12, 2011
Replaces: April 26, 1993


To outline the conditions under which a carryover or cash out of vacation entitlements may be authorized.


Collective Agreement Article 26:05 (e) and 26:06
Terms and Conditions of Employment for Staff Excluded From the Bargaining Unit 16:03 (a)


This policy applies to all staff.

Employees should use all of their vacation. Management must ensure that vacation planning starts early in the vacation year to allow employees to schedule their entire vacation entitlement credits and to minimize vacation carry-over.

Vacation entitlements may be carried forward but normally in no case will a vacation carryover be allowed which is more than one year’s vacation entitlement.

Final approval for such carryover rests with the relevant Vice President.


Human Resource Services will send an annual request for vacation carryover early in each calendar year. All requests for vacation carryover must be sent to Human Resource Services through the Dean/Director. Human Resource Services will seek the Vice President’s approval.

The reason for the request must be clearly documented.

Requests for a cashout of vacation entitlements may be considered for approval by the Dean/Director in exceptional situations.

Questions on this policy should be directed to Human Resource Services.