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R11 – Adjunct Researchers

Originator: Director, Research and Planning
Approver: President’s Council
Effective: November 14, 2012
Replaces: New

1. Preamble

Important areas of research often transcend the boundaries of the College and it is therefore in the best interests of the College to provide an opportunity for scholars and researchers to participate in the ongoing research work of various departments. This type of cooperation is of special importance to small departments/units where the addition of one or more scholars may well provide the strength needed to carry forward its program.

2. Policy

To facilitate interdisciplinary research, and also to enable the contributions of scholars and researchers who are not faculty or staff members at RRC Polytech, the honorary category of Adjunct Researcher is hereby created.

3. Appointment Procedures and Terms

3.1 Recommendation for Appointment of External Adjunct Researchers:

3.1.1 Appointment to Adjunct Researchers may be made available to scholars and researchers who are not staff or employed by RRC Polytech.

3.1.2 Appointments shall follow the Guidelines for Recommendation for Appointment of External Adjunct Researchers, included in this policy.

3.1.3 Recommendation for an appointment in such instances will be made by the Chair/Manager of the appropriate department/unit at RRC Polytech with the approval of the Dean/Director.

3.1.4 The recommendation and approval for appointment will be reported to the Senior Academic Committee/President’s Council.

3.2 Terms of Appointment

3.2.1 Appointment to Adjunct Researcher shall be for a term of up to three (3) years. The appointment may be renewed at the expiration of the term. The length of the term must reflect the time required to perform the duties specified.

3.2.2 This is a nil salaried academic appointment.

3.3 Rights and Responsibilities

3.3.1 The rights and responsibilities of an Adjunct Researcher shall include:

  1. An Adjunct Researcher may be involved in the research activities of a department, in co-operation with a faculty or staff member or be a supervisor or co-supervisor of, or serve on the practicum committee for applied research projects for students.
  2. An Adjunct Researcher will normally not participate in the formulation and execution of policy in the department/unit.
  3. An Adjunct Researcher is responsible for maintaining a high level of scholarship and research throughout the tenure.
  4. If the Adjunct Researcher finds that they are unable to continue to perform the duties associated with the appointment, they should relinquish the appointment.
  5. Adjunct Researchers are encouraged to apply, where applicable, for external research grants to appropriate agencies (e.g. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada Council, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, etc.) to support their research programs.
  6. Adjunct Researchers are expected to acknowledge their affiliation with RRC Polytech in all publications and scholarly works resulting from the Adjunct appointment.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Chair/Manager of the department/unit in which the adjunct appointment has been made, to supervise and monitor the work of an Adjunct Researcher. Any inadequacies in the duties and/or performance of an Adjunct Researcher will be addressed by the Chair/Manager.
  8. An Adjunct Researcher will be granted access to College libraries including remote access to online databases and be provided with a network account (email) and access privileges.

3.4 Financial

3.4.1 External Adjunct Researchers will receive no stipend and are not be eligible for any college employee benefits because of their appointment.

3.4.2 An Adjunct Researcher entails no employee/employer relationship.

3.5 Guidelines for the Recommendation for Appointment of External Researchers

The following documentation is to be submitted to the Senior Academic Committee/President’s Council, for information, with regard to the appointment of external Adjunct Researcher:

3.5.1 A summary of the appointee’s relevant education or experience and evidence of demonstrated commitment to research and scholarship. The academic and scholarly qualifications and expertise must be relevant to the sponsoring department/unit’s activities. The department/unit will determine that the qualifications of the Adjunct appointee are suitable.

3.5.2 An outline of the anticipated scholarly/research activities of the Adjunct Researcher.

3.5.3 A comprehensive list of research projects, presentations and publications.

3.5.4 Written approval of the appointment from the VP or designate.

3.5.5 The reason for appointment and the length of term.

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