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Policies and Corporate Legal

A1 – Application and Admission to College Programs

Originator: Registrar
Approver: Senior Academic Committee
Effective: September 16, 2016
Replaces: June 13, 2006

1. Preamble

The admission of applicants to post-secondary programs will be guided by the terms and conditions of this Policy.

2. Definitions

For the purpose of the College’s Office of the Registrar, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

“Official Transcript” means any unopened transcript received directly from the post-secondary institution which issues same.

“Original Transcript” means a transcript that is provided by the applicant or high school, and retained by RRC Polytech.

“Original Document” means property of the applicant provided to the institution for the purposes of admission and that is intended to be returned to the applicant following processing.

“Program Students” means students who are admitted into a program under all Admission Categories excluding Undeclared Student (as that term is defined herein).

3. Policy


Unless otherwise stated pursuant to a formal agreement, admission preference to programs approved and funded by the Manitoba Government will be given to applicants in the following order:

  • Manitoba residents who are Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants
  • All others


Should vacancies exist in programs after all fee-paying students are accommodated, individuals 60 years of age or older will be accepted on a first-come/first-served basis and will be exempt from the payment of program tuition fees. All other program fees must be paid by such a student. Proof of age reasonably acceptable to the Registrar will be required.

3.03 – Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet one of the admission categories listed below and program admission requirements.

Admission Categories

  1. Regular Student
    A Regular Student is an applicant who meets the regular admission requirements of the program.
  2. Mature Student
    A Mature Student is an applicant who is at least 19 years of age and has been out of high school for a minimum of one year at time of application, and does not meet regular admission requirements as specified by each program. Mature student admission may include specific requirements.
  3. Transfer Student
    A Transfer Student is an applicant who has at least one term of transferable post-secondary courses.
  4. Undeclared Student
    An Undeclared Student is an applicant who would like to take courses for professional development or general interest and is not seeking a credential. Students are restricted to taking a maximum of 2 courses per term, and after successfully completing 4 courses they must apply and be admitted to a program before registering for additional courses.
  5. Dual Credit Student
    A Dual Credit Student is a high school student who may be admitted with permission of the high school. Dual credit students may only be registered in dual credit courses. Dual Credit students will only be registered in Dual Credit courses recognized by the Department of Education or a successor Department.
  6. Dual Admission Student
    A Dual Admission Student is an applicant who is admitted to RRC Polytech and a partner post-secondary institution simultaneously.
  7. Returning Student
    A Returning Student is an applicant who is applying for admission after a break in studies of at least one term, is applying into the same program, and has successfully completed less than a full course load.
  8. Visiting Student
    A Student from another institution attending with a letter of permission from their home institution.


Admission requirements will be specific to each program and shall be on the College’s website.


Applications are processed in qualifying sequence as set forth by the College.


The College reserves the right to assess English Language Skills, reading ability, and core subject preparation to determine admission eligibility.


English is the language of instruction at the College. Applicants to the College are responsible for a level of English proficiency that is sufficient to participate in all aspects of College study, including lectures, practicum placements, reading, writing, and discussion.

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