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A3 – Auditing Courses

Originator: Vice President, Academic and Research
Approver: Senior Academic Committee
Effective: June 12, 2015
Replaces: September 1995

1. Preamble

A Student may wish to take a course for personal interest and not for credit. A Student who formally decides to waive credit for a course by opting out of evaluation and grading is described as having audit status. Students should be aware that audit status is a privilege, not a right.

2. Policy

Students may choose to audit a course offered by the College provided the program allows audit Students, there is a vacancy in the class, and the procedures detailed under section 4 are followed. Students who are auditing a course are not entitled to examination or other evaluation privileges.

3. Definitions

“Chair” refers to the chair of an academic program or an equivalent.

“Student” refers to any individual:

  1. auditing a course, or seeking to audit a course, at the College; or
  2. who is a current student.

4. Procedures


A Student must meet all course requirements to be eligible for auditing status.


A Student seeking to audit a course must first obtain written permission from the Chair of the program.


A Student, with written permission from the Chair, must be registered for the course through the Registrar’s Office or equivalent. An audit registration request must be made no later than the scheduled registration period for the course. Auditing placements cannot be guaranteed until one week prior to the course start date.


The fee for auditing a course is equal to the amount charged for credit status in a course.


Audited courses do not count towards a Student’s course load.


A Student seeking to switch from audit status to credit status must first obtain written permission from the Chair, and execute the change in status prior to the due date of the course’s first graded assessment.


A Student seeking to switch from credit status to audit status, must first obtain written permission from the Chair, and initiate the change in status within one week from receiving the grade of the first course assignment.


Audited courses are not graded or evaluated and cannot be used as a prerequisite for another course.


Any applicable recognition of prior learning will be administered in accordance with Policy A14 – Recognition of Prior Learning.


Audit Students must comply with all College policies and procedures.

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